Got socks.

Got socks. You know, I bet other people don’t have to worry about foot/shoe size when they go to buy socks. But I have size 4 feet (that’s 37 in European, dunno what in US). I got “Kid’s” socks. Yes, the adult “Ladies” socks come in Size 4-7, but in reality that means about 5-and-a-bit. Ish. So I end up with the heel of the sock halfway up the back of my ankle. But on the other hand, buying childrens socks (and shoes) saves me money. I just have to hunt a bit to find pairs that don’t have scary gimmicky pics on, or aren’t frilly or whatever….

I need new socks.

I need new socks. My left sock has a great big hole in the toe, and since my boots have no proper lining any more, my toes are getting sore…. There’s also melted (and then hardened again) plastic on the ankle bit from where I left the clotheshorse too near the fire one time. I’ve had these socks for 7 years. They’ve been to Australia and back with me. They *really* have to go.

I do have more than one pair of socks, btw. Erm. Guess what I could do is sort out the non-holey socks that are the same, but different colours, and dye them all black. Cos I’m broke, and that might be cheaper. Oh no, buggerit, I forgot. No washing machine. Not doing it by hand. New socks it is, then.

*How* boring is this entry?! Jeez…..

Blog discoveries

Look see, over there on the right. Guestbook. Sign-ez vous! You know you want to…..

Doosh. A whole load of people have blogs I didn’t know about til I read Megs’ today. And then found others’ from there. Some of them peeps I have seen since the KK went *phluuuurph*, like Gilly and Carolyn. But there’s Anji too. Nobody tells me anything….

Got the bus to work today (still no Worf this morning *sniffle*). For some reason, no trains go in before midday on a Sunday, but even then there’s a replacement bus service at the mo. So I’ve gotta get a bus back home again, too. Oh well. But you know, I dunno if I’m just used to the fecking insane London bus drivers, but I swear we never got above 30mph, even on the long straight road bits. Very sedate, it was. Got to Hull on time, though. So that’s OK.

Tcha…. back to work……

Still no Worf

Still no sign of the Worf. Went hunting round again tonight…. stumbling through fields and back paths with knackered torch. Thought we’d found him at one point, but it turned out to be a non-fluffy large black cat. *sigh* Also saw another cat in the distance at one point, but it’s eyes reflected orangey in the torchlight, and Worf’s are very green. It ran away when we started wading across the field towards it, too. Worf usually comes when he’s called. He’s part dog, I swear. It also didn’t help that when we were round the back of our house calling for him, one of next door’s cats came instead. Ho hum. I really should stop going on about this, shouldn’t I? Urgh, and it’s 12.15am now. I’m working tomorrow. My first Sunday shift. Yay. But at least I don’t have to get up at 6am. :-)

Where’s Worf? :-(

This was sposed to be all done by now. The “me” and “site” pages and all, I mean. But I’ve kind of had my mind elsewhere the last few days. Mr Worf has disappeared :-( Last time I saw him was Wednesday night, and he was chasing some imaginary thing down the stairs. I was off work Thursday and Friday, and by the time I got up on Thurs, he wasn’t there. At first I assumed he was just asleep under the bed as usual, but when he didn’t come for food I went to look, and no Worfie. Obviously, he’d taken himself out of the catflap which at first I figured was good – we moved in just over 3 weeks ago, and he’s only been out for 10 mins at a time before, and he’s made us open the door for him, too (we didn’t have a catflap before). I think he had taken himself out at least once before, cos he was soggy and rained-on one morning when I got up, so I didn’t worry until there was still no sign of him in the evening. I mean, I’d expect him to get hungry and come back to eat. He used to be outside a lot down in London, but he always came in for food….. So now I’m really worried, cos nearly 3 days are gone, and still no sign. None of the neighbours have seen him. I hope he’s shut in somewhere, and not lost or hurt. :-( Pesky pudding cat that he is. He’d better come back. Can’t be doing without my fluffboy.

Nearly done!

Well, I think I’m almost done with setting this thing up, you know. I figured that since this is a personal *mememe* site, I may as well sling in a whole load of bells and whistles. So I did. I like style sheets. But anyway, any day now I can stop faffing around with the actual site here, and start with the rambling. Which’ll be fun. For me, anyway. *g* ‘Course, after that, I’ll have the rest of this site (the non-blog part) to do. It won’t be coming any time too soon, though – all my *other* sites are in need of update first. Too many sites, not enough time. At least I’m using all my domain names now, though. Yay.


Hmmm. Tired. Just making a couple of quick changes here in my lunch break. Hope it doesn’t take me too long to get used to these early mornings – I’m now up at somewhere between 5.45 and 6.15am. Ick – it was still dark when I left today. Anyway, I’ll do something more here when I get home tonight. Wonder if anyone has read this (other than the people I’ve told about it *g*). Maybe I should add a guestbook. Not that that would help, really. After all, the UKBAWC has had around 10,000 hits, but only 40-odd people have actually signed the guestbook. That’s life, I spose. Ho hum.


I actually seem to be making some progress here. I’ve made an attempt at giving this page an actual design *gasp*, and if I can just find that pic I want, I’ll whisk up a graphic for the main page of the domain, and stick a link up to this blog, too. See, this is eventually going to be part of my personal site, which will have all kinds of random crap on it. Cos, y’know, it wouldn’t be a personal / homepage thang if it didn’t. *eg*

Oh yeah, and if anyone’s actually reading this, links to the other sites I run are here. Just in case you’re interested. Still, most of them are in dire need of update. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…….

A blog, a veritable blog!

Well, look at this – I have a blog. Ain’t nothin’ or nobody here but me right now. ‘Course, there won’t ever be anybody here but me, since it’s my blog. But anyway…… oh wait, unless you count the cats, who are watching with interest. Or more likely, hoping that I’ll get up and feed them soon. So this is the first post that was. More to come, or this thing’s going to be damn short……