Shrove Tuesday

It was Shrove Tuesday yesterday (Mmmm, pancaaaaakes), which means that today is Ash Wednesday, and the first day of Lent. Heh, I’m glad I’m not Roman Catholic, so I don’t have to have a great big smudge on my forehead all day. *g* But anyway, I have to give up something now til Easter. Though we didn’t actually have pancakes last night since we had a takeaway and then we were full. LOL. So we’re having them tonight, and I’ll start Lent tomorrow instead. I’m such a procrastinator! I am going to do it, though. I’ve decided it’s about time to kick my ‘coke habit’. In case you actually did wonder, that’s Coca Cola, not cocaine. I practically live off of the stuff, which just can’t be good. I did say I was giving it up if I got this new job, and when I moved up here I was doing really well til Worf went missing – I was all upset, and needed the sugar! So it’s time to try it again…….

Should get the SPIKED Awards results up on the site this evening, and most of the awards out. I don’ t know if I’ll manage to get all the awards done for tonight, cos there’s drinking after work, and then further drinking later on at the pub quiz (I’ve been paid today, thank God, so I have money – yay!). But I’ll do my best, and I’ll at least email all the winners. I had a cock-up with the award graphics, you see, so I’m behind. Not too many more to do, though. I’ve also decided to do an honourable mention graphic for all the other sites / fics, but I won’t send that out for a day or two…..

Spiked Awards voting, etc

Well….. hmm…. the voting for the SPIKED Awards is all done, and we have winners. *g* They won’t be announced until Wednesday, though, as I still have to finish off making some of the awards, and put the winning site and fic titles on the ones I already have. And I’m working another 5 day stretch again. Yes, I know most people work 5 days in a row, but I do shifts. Still, another 2 and a half weeks of it, and then I’ve taken 4 days leave which actually gives me 9 days off. Yay! :-) I’ll probably be spending the time getting my sites all up to date. Heh.

I know it’s silly, but I keep having dreams that I’ve found Worf. *sigh* There wasn’t any sign of him by the railtracks, in the end. Pesky animal that he is. But I hope it was him, cos at least that would mean he’s not far away. I still wonder if he’s trying to get back to London….. urgh.

Oh, hey, and I’m writing again…. I’d taken a bit of a break, but then I got inspired and now I’ve got 3 on the go. All Spike-y fic, of course. Hmm, actually, I’ve got 5 on the go if you count Night Walks On (I occasionally do bits of it, but it’s depressing writing a story you know no-one’s interested in), and the Harmony fic I’ve been playing around with since last summer. That’s a fun one, but it keeps getting interrupted. Oh well….. back to work….

Um. Forgot to post again.

Um. Forgot to post again. I knew this would wear off. *g* But I’ve been busy – working a lot, and doing site updates the rest of the time. I redesigned and moved The Sunset Club without having intended to. Well, I intended to move it, but not do a total redesign.

Had another Worf-sighting. By the railtracks, down the road. Two lads knocked on the door last night to say they’d just seen him. But he’d disappeared (if it was him) by the time we got back there. No sign of him today, either. I’ll keep looking though.

The North / South Divide

Todays topic: The North / South Divide. OK, not really. *g* But it’s weird, you know, when I see someone I know, and say “Alright”, as you do, and they go “Now then.” ….. I’m a freak. A southern pansy. Heheheh.

I’m doing really well on the site revamping thing, you know. :-) British Buffy is all done…. minus some content, but most of that is down to B now, cos I bullied him into agreeing to contribute. *snigger*. I’ve also added some new stuff to Eternal…. Literally, made a good start on Soulstar Design and Spiked and Skewered, and I’ve added updates and more sections to The Airlock. Yep, that’s right, I spent both my days off glued to the computer, and I intend to do so again tomorrow and Saturday. I’m such a net geek. Yay! ;-)

Had an interesting thing, though. Or bloody annoying, and somewhat dangerous, depending on how you look at it. When I got up yesterday, the shower, the plug sockets, and the hot water were all off. Fiddled with the fuse box, managed to get the shower working, figured a fuse must’ve blown in one of the plugs. However, when I got in from work, B had discovered what the problem was: the boiler is up to its old tricks and there was water coming down the wall in the dining area. Oh joy. Down the wall, mind you, and into one of the plug sockets. Hence the fuse box having tripped out. He’d rung the landlord, and an electrician / plumber (he seemed to be both) came round and got stuff working for us. Still don’t know quite where the water was coming from, though. Urk.

Bit of a gap

Oooo, bit of a gap between posts….. heh. I’ve been busy-ish, you see, what with work, and doing website updates. I feel like I’m making actual progress now – I’ve moved Eternal… Literally, I’ve started re-doing British Buffy, I’ve decided on a design for the business site, and got a mock-up of that done, and I’ve sorted out the new design for Spiked and Skewered. Woohoo! Oh, and I’ve got updates done to The Airlock, too, though I havent’ put that up yet. Yay, go me! :-)

As for my real life…. *g* Megs was round last night, and we watched the first 2 eps of season 5 Buffy. Still no Worf. *sigh* Put a couple more notices up. *crosses fingers*

Ramble, blah, ramble

I started this post before, but my friggin’ computer crashed. Bah. So anyway, where was I? I don’t really remember. Ho hum. Oh well. I got the ‘site’ section up, finally. And that’s about all the updates I got done today, in the end. I did housework instead. Bleuch.

You know, when I was going updates to the SPIKED Awards yesterday, I ended up surfing through a few Spike sites I hadn’t seen before, or seen recently. And now I’m depressed. I’m trying to get Spiked and Skewered updated and redesigned, and make it really good, but when I look at these sites, I wonder what the point is – they’re fantastic, and some of them have such similar things to S&S. One site has a guide to Spike slang, much like my “How to Talk Proper”, only done better. The only thing is that I had it first, I guess. When I started S&S there wasn’t anything like that, as far as I know….. Oh sod it. I’m going to update, and I’m going to make it good. It’d be stupid to give up just cos of that. Guess I’ll just have to try harder.

Had another possible Worf sighting today – a lady who lives just a few doors away from me saw a large black cat in her garden yesterday that she hasn’t seen before. Went to look, but no sign again. Hope it was him.

My brother just sent me his newly completed film script.
(sorry, I just have to pause to listen to November Rain…. god I love this track… and cool – I haven’t seen the video before! Oh, this is good – Slash picking the tracks on MTV2)
Right, back to Martin’s script (though since the next track is Metallica, I’m going to be quick and finish off now) – so, he’s been working on this for a while, and it’s done. I was going to print it out to read, but it’s 95 A4 pages….. d’oh. So I think I’ll print some, and then go to bed. Cos I’m working again tomorrow.

*Fade To Black*

Why oh why?

Why do I have to click everything at least twice before it will believe that I do want to go there or do that? Is my mouse broken? *shakes it* Could be. Probably full of carpet and cat fluff. Oh well.

Teenage Dirtbag. I like that song. I like sugar snap peas, too. It’s my day off. I’ve cleaned some stuff, and I should clean some more. Like the dining room and the kitchen. *sigh* Stupid housework. I have too many websites to do……

Yep, I’m updating sites. Revived The SPIKED Awards yesterday. They were originally sposed to be done at the beginning of December. Hahahaha….. but then real life happened. Anyway, now I’m doing British Buffy and the UKBAWC, plus checking out stuff for another awards thing I help judge, and checking sites for Slash Sluts which I help Megs out with. One of these days, I’ll get me a real life. Oh but hey, talking of which, we won the pub quiz (again – *snerk*) last night. But this time they made us go into two smaller teams, cos we always win. So we came first (Mark, Sally, Barry, Dave, and me), and the others (Pete, Phillippa, Finn, Finn’s sister and Kevin) came about 3rd. Heheheh. No conferring, either. Yay us – we got free beer! :-)

Hmm…. ooops.

Hmm…. ooops. I’ve just realised that not only am I going to be missing my brother’s 21st birthday to go Spike-stalking, but when we’re at Noc 3K the following weekend, we’ll be missing Father’s Day. Hope Dad won’t mind both his offspring deserting him in favour of some American TV actors….. *g* I can at least get Martin…. oh, I dunno, a lifesized cardboard Buffy (why, oh why don’t they have lifesize Spikes?!?!? It’s a cruel world….) or something, at the con (heh, he’ll have fun taking that home on the train). Maybe Dad would like one too….

Thought I’d found my Worf

Thought I’d found my Worf this morning, you know. Just for a few minutes. I was walking to the station, and I saw this cat that I thought was him. So I stopped and stared, and called out to it. It jumped down from the wall it was sitting on and trotted over. It was just a…. a…. Oh my god, here he is!….. oh…. no he’s not moment. Cos when the cat actually got up to me, I saw that it was actually only about 2/3 of Worf’s size, and I think it was a little girl cat, too. *sigh* She was very sweet and friendly, so I told her that if she sees a cat that looks just like her, only bigger, to send him home. *g*

Sods law

Well, there’s sods law for you. I’ve been in this job for what, 4 weeks, and I knew I had it for at least 3 weeks before that. And what do I get today? A phone call from an agency I’d registered with in the autumn, and who had only called me before with office admin type jobs, but apparantly never got me an interview (was I too overqualified?). But *now*… now they call me and say they have a web design job they want to put me forward for! In Sussex, by the way – we weren’t fixed on which end of the country we wanted to move to. Isn’t that just typical? Still, I probably wouldn’t have got anywhere with it, or the pay would’ve been crap, or something. And where I am is good, so that’s OK. Also, they have webdesign departments within the company, so there’s that possibility too…… But still – TCHA!!

Oh, and I booked my holiday off work today for the Spike-stalking expedition that I’m going on in June with Luna & Noxy. Heehee! I dunno, poor James Marsters……


*sniffle* Looks like the Worf-report was a false alarm in the end. Went round to that road again last night to call him, and saw a bloke who lives there who also has cats. He told me there’s a big black fluffy cat that lives round there. That was probably the one that was spotted. Still, I spose it is possible that Worf’s round there too. I don’t know what the lady who rang up said, exactly, cos B answered the phone. But now I feel all down again – I was feeling relieved, cos I thought I knew where he was, roughly, and that he was safe. And now I don’t know again. :-( And…. and….. *deep breath* now-it’s-snowing-and-what-if-he’s-all-lost-and-cold-and-lonely…... I just have to keep telling myself he’s a big fluffy boy, and he can look after himself OK. And the lady in the shop thinks she saw him too. So, maybe he’s not too far away. I really hope not. ‘k, I’ll shut up now.

Been busy

Haven’t posted anything for a few days, cos I’ve been a bit busy. Lessee….. on Tuesday night we went bowling – cheap and tacky, and lots of fun! :-) I like bowling. I didn’t do all that badly, either. I only missed totally twice, and I got one strike, and a couple of whatever-you-call-it’s where you knock them all down the second go. Which for me is pretty damn impressive. *g*

Wednesday, Mum and Dad came to visit for a few days to see my new house and where I’m living and all that. So we spent a couple of days sightseeing (it’s all new to me, too, of course) and so on. They’re going back today, but I’m working, so I said bye last night. Oh, and they got us a couple of bits more furniture, so now we have somewhere to put our clothes, and the glasses and booze, and that kind of thing. Whoo.

Oh, weird thing – I found out that this girl I used to go to school with now presents a kinda Gaming review TV programme thing called BITS, having also been in a couple of horror movies like this one (“Emily Bouffant”). Funny thing is, I found out cos B asked me if I knew her…. he watches the prog (I’m sure I’ve seen it too, but maybe not), and had seen on the website that she’s from the same town as me. He didn’t realise she was in the same class, though! LOL.

And finally….. (these entries are getting longer, aren’t they?) there’s some good-ish news on the Worf front. We’ve had 3 probable sightings. The first one was the lady who works in the corner shop – I finally got my printer connected up and printed some posters and fliers off, and when I took one in there she looked at the picture and said that she’s sure that he was the cat who she’d seen in her garden. She opened her greenhouse door last Saturday (so that’s a week ago now) and he came pelting out and jumped over the fence. So he could have been trapped in there for a few days. Then last night we had a phone call from a woman who said she’d seen a large black cat roaming around on this road that’s across the main road and up a bit from where we live. We went over there, and I spoke to someone who lived around where he was sposed to have been, and she told me that a cat who sounds very much like Worf had been sitting on her fence staring her out (sounds about right! *g*) just a day or two ago. So it sounds like he might be over there. No sign of him last night, of course, but it gives us an idea where to look……