I have Salon Hair.

I have Salon Hair. It’s an odd feeling, especially since I know I’m never going to get it to go quite how the hairdresser did it again. Am I the only person who has that problem? Surely not. But I’m not a hair-style-y person – I never put anything on it (apart from coloured stuff, of course) – I just point the hairdryer and hope for the best. As for using one of those big round brushes…… if I try that, the brush usually has to be cut out of the resultant tangle. Happily, the hairdresser tells me that pointing the hairdryer and hoping should work well with this new cut. Hope so!

Wondered into Clinton’s Cards on the way back, cos I’d seen an Undertaker T shirt in the window (which I then couldn’t find inside, of course). But I discovered that the shop assistant and a customer (both in their 40’s) were having an intense discussion over whether Angel, Spike, or possibly Riley is sexiest. LOL! Y’see, Buffy rules! Thankyouverymuch.

Times, hair & shopping (how girly)

OK, so even though the times are showing up as an hour behind on the Blogger editor thingy, they’re coming out right when I publish the entry to here. So that’s OK then. Cool.

I’m slightly irritated at the moment. See, I went shopping today (more in a mo), and one of the things I bought was purple hair dye. I had been going to dye my hair black with red bits, but I like purple too, and I figured doing just one colour would be easier. So when I got home, I followed all the instructions to the letter, put the dye in, left it for 30 mins like it said, rinsed it out…… and is my hair purple? Is it hell!! If you look really carefully, it’s slightly darker, and there are tinges of reddy-blueishness in places. Not impressed. I’m thinking of digging the packaging out of the bin and seeing if there’s somewhere to complain to. Back to the black and red, I guess.

Anyway, the shopping. First of all, I went to pick up my new Buffy box set from the sorting office (which was a whole palaver in itself which involved me getting horribly lost and having to ring them from my mobile (thank god for modern technology) to tell me which way to go next), and from there I went into town. I hadn’t really had a good shop there yet, just been in for specific things. So I hit the charity shops, and so on – and would you believe it, I found a pair of matt pvc trousers which fit perfectly, for


I only seem to be partially conscious today. It’s a weird feeling.

Saw an odd (but useful!) thing on the way to work today. I was walking along the road that leads to the station, wondering to myself whether I had time to get a ticket in the station, or if I should just get one on the train. I was just about to hoick my sleeve up to look at my watch, when something caught my eye. In the window of one of the houses was a clock. A wall clock, facing out, into the street. I can’t think of any reason for it to be there, since it’s useless to anyone inside, unless it’s put there so people going for the train can see if they’re on time! Which would be nice, but very, very odd. And then, as I was pondering this, I walked past three full shopping bags by a lampost, with no owner in sight. It just get weirder, doesn’t it?


Oh, and something I forgot in all the Worf-excitement. Earlier on Friday, I glanced out the back window (happens a lot, cos that’s the way I face when I’m on the computer) and saw one of the cat toys (a small pink plastic ball with a bell inside) sitting outside the back door. I thought this was a little odd since it hadn’t been there went I went out the day before, and asked Willow if she’d taken it out there. She just twitched her ear. Tcha, cats. ;-) Anyway, later on when I was outside after looking for Worf, the next door neighbour came out, and asked if we had a yellow, and a pink one of these little balls. I said that yes, we did (there are two pink ones). Turns out that their cat Billy, a friendly chap who visits us quite frequently, is a bit of a klepto-kitty. He nicks ’em and takes them back to his, where he then completely ignores them. LOL. Oh well. As long as he doesn’t start going for cash or jewellery……

I saw this link at not.so.soft. I kind of know this story….. only the version I remember was a bit different. But I can’t remember how! Anyone?

Would you believe it?!

Would you believe it, I saw Worf yesterday. The little fluffy sod. I’m going to squeedge him to death (not really) when I catch him. I looked out the window and there he was, large as life and twice as fluffy, sitting at the bottom of the garden. I’m 99% certain it was him, cos if it wasn’t, then it was his identical twin-kitty. It wasn’t the mini-she-Worf, cos she lives too far away, and anyway this cat looked Worf-sized. There aren’t any other long-haired cats with his colouring (the rusty bit on his chest, etc) round here, and he had the little round name tag like Worfie does, too. Trouble is, I went running out the back door, and the cat legged it. But the time I got to the end of the garden, grabbed Willow (who thought we were going on some big adventure, I think) and looked up and down the path, there was no sign. ARGH!! But if it’s him, that’s good, right? Cos it means he’s nearby and healthy. :-) But I’m still going to squeedge him……


That there on the left is me….. well, if I was an inch-or-so high cartoon figure. But it’s a reasonable representation, for now. But I’ll be doing the hair-dying thing again soon. So, oh damn, I’ll have to go and play around and make a new me. Heheheh.

The times on this thing seem to be skewiff (heh, I’ve never written that before….. wonder if it’s spelt right) again. Hum. And I still feel like cack. I’ve felt a different kind of ill every day this week since Monday. Annnoying, and not at all fun! Today, it’s stuffy nose and headache. But at least I can talk again. Yay me.

I’m impressed

I’m pretty impressed to say, the UKBAWC seems to be coming up as one of the top search results for “Buffy” on all of the search engines I’ve tried (including some I hadn’t even heard of til I saw them on the site stats). Within the top 50, this is, but mainly way lower. And try searching for Buffy Angel UK, or even just Buffy UK, and *wham*, right up the top. No wonder it gets so many hits! LOL. I must’ve had a search-engine registration spasm when I did the new design last year. Should do the same for my other sites!

And continuing the search-engine testing thing, I’ve discovered that Spiked & Skewered doesn’t even appear on a search for Spike (on AltaVista), but tops the bill for William the Bloody. Fair enough. They’ve got the wrong addy, though….. must sort that out.

I’m bored now. Could do some more website stuff. But I’m going to bed instead. Blah.

That Tripod thing

Seems like the whole Tripod site deletion debacle may have been a technical glitch, rather than a crack down on fan sites. Doi. A glitch which has people screaming for blood, and hate / boycott campaigns springing up. I’m amazed how quickly all that happened, you know. Just goes to show the power and immediacy (is that a word?) of email and the internet. Hmm.

I’m going to put the rest of my fic up at Soulstar today. Should be done in half an hour or so. Other than that, I’ve just mainly been pottering for the last couple of days – got some new affiliates for The Airlock. And I might even get the links page for this site done. You never know. *g*

Layout tweaking

Trying a little layout tweaking at the moment. Reduced the font size, and got rid of the indentation for the posts. Not sure how well that’s going to work, but I know I’m not totally happy with how it was. Maybe the general yellow-ness is starting to wear me down. *g* Who can tell. Let me know if this looks better or worse……

Dodgy ‘puter

Due to my ‘puter being a bit dodgy these days, I’ve been offline for a fair bit of the weekend so far. I’m working on my new site, and since everything crashes much faster if I’m online when Homesite is open, I’ve restrained myself. *g* Hopefully, the site’ll be up pretty soon now….. :-)

Errrmmm…… I’m sure there was something else I wanted to post. Oh yeah! The whole Tripod deletion thing – they seem to be taking down all fan sites for various TV shows. Very odd. Megs has the info on her blog. I did hear that Angelfire and any other Lycos-run sites may be doing the same, but my re-direct page to Spiked and Skewered is still there. Unless they wouldnt’ take that down cos the site’s gone anyhoo….. *shrugs*. It’s a total nightmare for those who’ve lost their sites, though.

I’m wondering whether to bring my little project forward a bit now. Might be able to help a teeny tiny bit. We’ll see. *mysterious grin*