Ooookay, not feeling so well.

Ooookay, not feeling so well. Maybe B is trying to poison me. *g* Cos, ow, and uuuuurgh! So I’m still up, feeling like cack, instead of being in bed feeling like cack, cos this way at least I have something to keep my mind off it. Only I have work in the morning. Guess I won’t be going if I don’t stop needing frequent bathroom trips (TMI? Sorry). Bleuch. Have to go on Sunday, though, ill or not, cos I’m the only one in until 1pm. Which should be fun. Oh, OW. I’ve had enough of this. If only I was drunken-ill….. at least I would’ve had a good time up until the ill part. Well, probably. Not that I’ve had a bad day – did some site stuff (and some housework, how exciting), and Megs came round. Oh, and we tried to get small plastic Angel and small plastic The Master to fight, but they just fell over and appeared to be trying to shag, so we left them at it.

Damnit, OW!!! Leaving now. Bleuch. :-(

What is it about certain

What is it about certain pieces of music that make you want to swallow them whole, bathe in them, curl into a tiny ball and implode on yourself, scream til everything breaks? Or is that just me? There I was, MTV2 doing a Metal Anthems thing in the background while I pottered around the house, and then Metallica’s ‘The Unforgiven’ came on. Gahhhhhhhhhhh. And I’m unable to do anything but sit as near the TV as I can without crawling inside it, and listen to this song. What is that about? There aren’t that many songs that do this to me – that one, another Metallica one that I can’t remember the title of because I lose all coherant thought when I hear it, several Skunk Anansie songs, O Fortuna from Carmina Burana, and most of the Mozart Requiem. There are a load of others that I love, but they don’t do this… thing. Weird.

I went, I shopped, I

I went, I shopped, I conquered the urge to buy a helluva lot more. And, dear god, B tells me there is another, similar shop, in the old town somewhere. I wonder if that one has a PVC and metal-plated bikini too. But anyway, I managed to restrain myself and only got a couple of tops. Decided against one cos the slogan wasn’t really the kind of thing I could wear to work, even here. Might go back and get it when I have money to buy not-for-work clothes.

I want, I want, I want….. well, lots of things. But right now I want my brain to settle on a design for my fic site. Something purty but simple….. Having troubles. Bleh.

Found more journals to read…. bottom two links down on the right are they. :-)

B’s gone home sick from

B’s gone home sick from work. I’m pretty sure the problem is the Chinese that we had last night. Mine was bland and a bit icky, and there was something *seriously* wrong with the sweet and sour sauce. I didn’t eat it, but B did. With prawn balls. And now he’s ill. Hmmmm.

So, got the phone back at home. And started wading through the email backlog. Being offline, though, I actually wrote the fic that’s been floating in my head for the last couple of weeks. First one I’ve done for a while. It’s the obligatory post-“Gift” offering, a Spike pov thingy. Which is a change, cos I’d been through a spate of writing Dru, before. I hope the ending of it wasn’t too obscure… hmm.

Found out something a bit… well, depressing today. Depressing for me, anyway. After doing all this work on S&S, it turns out that another Spike site has redesigned, and done something very similar. Waaaaagh!! I mean, the colour scheme and actual graphics aren’t identical, but the rough idea, and the navigation is pretty much what I’ve done. Just proves nothing is original, cos there’s no way they could have copied me. Anyway, theirs is done in frames and with a javascript menu, where mine is all in tables. But the end result is pretty damn similar. Gah. If I can’t think of a workable different way to do my navigation, I’ll just have to say poo to it, and go ahead as I was. *sigh* How annoying. Serves me right for not getting my finger out and putting the design up months ago, when I first did it.

Still no phone. Grr, Argh.

Still no phone. Grr, Argh. Maybe they won’t reconnect it til the cheque clears. Should’ve paid by card, damnit! My email is piling up, too. *sigh*

On the plus side, Eternal… Literally got into the BtVS Writers’ Guild as the S/H zone. Can’t do anything about it til I get net access back at home, though. Pleh. I really hope I get access back for Thursday and Friday, when I’m off.

Have taken the opportunity of no net access to get some scanning done. I also found the notebook I’d lost with loads of stuff for S&S in it, so I started working on that last night. Trouble is, as I’ve had the design done for so long, I’m getting fed up with it, so I started faffing with various bits. But it gave me some ideas, so that can’t be bad. I might even get it done sometime in the near future. You never know.

Bleh. I’ve had a whole

Bleh. I’ve had a whole net-free weekend, cos it turned out that B kinda hadn’t paid the phone bill. So at about 8pm Friday night, the line got cut off. I have to go in and pay it off at lunchtime, so hopefully it’ll all be back by tonight. I can hear my lineone mail creaking under the strain….

And by the way, Hi Lorien and Ibranou. Umm… my French is crap so I can’t understand much of your blog – but hi! :-)

I have no energy, and

I have no energy, and no motivation whatsoever. And no leather trousers (that currently fit me), either, so whoever keeps hitting this site in search for them, please stop.

I mentioned to one or two people that the costumes I wear to the Nocturnal parties are always too hot, so for next year I was going to lose weight, get fit, and wear a damn bikini. I was joking, but now I’ve seen it. The bikini that I could wear. Shiny black pvc with metal plating. I Want It. It’s perfect. I have to join a gym.

Have been surfing Christian Kane sites (a) because he’s gorgeous, and (b) in the hope that this would take the edge of my re-escalating JM obsession. Was working until the conversation I had with Luna last night popped back into my head. Damnit!

I’m going to give in to the Meghan and get one of those little check box thangs where you can choose whether to have links open in new windows or not. If I was really clever, I should figure out how to do it myself. But I can’t be arsed.

My photoshoot pics from the

My photoshoot pics from the weekend are up on Con Woman. The ones I took are in the middle of being developed, and I should be getting them back on Friday. I have a somewhat zoned expression in the pic of me with James Marsters cos (apart from Hello, it’s James Marsters!) he was rubbing his hand up and down my arm, and I was all ‘gaaaahhh…. what’s he doing?….’ I know, I’m a sad little fangirl, but I don’t care. All the guests rocked beyond all expectation. I went to the con as a huge James Marsters fan, and liking all the others, and came away a huge James Marsters, Amber Benson, George Herzberg, J August Richards, and Andy Hallett fan. I knew how lovely James was from last year, and this year reinforced that, but the other blew me away as well, with how friendly and open they were too. It’s a curious thing when you find yourself changing from liking (or loving) and enjoying the characters, to loving the actual people. And because I’m a geeky net person, and have no other way that I can think of to express my adoration, I feel another website coming on. Oh dear.

Rediscovered the bird, by the way – it recovered quite well and started flying around…. eventually managed to get it to fly out of the back door, and it disappeared into a tree at the bottom of the garden. I’m thinking that Willow being a mini-cat is actually helping her with the hunting – it must be quite easy for her to get up the trees and along the narrower branches. But why can’t she bring the things she catches to Barry instead of me?!

Damn cat. Had a nice

Damn cat. Had a nice lay in this morning, got up, was leisurely watching telly while the computer defragged, when through the cat flap pops Willow. With a poor little sparrow in her mouth. And oh yes, it’s still alive, and bleeding. Managed to get her to drop it, and slung her out into the hall, but now I can’t catch the bird. Poor little thing, it must be terrified. So I’m leaving it where it’s hiding under the radiator for a bit, and hoping it won’t die. :-(

So. Got stuck in a

So. Got stuck in a bloody three-and-a-half hour traffic jam between Northampton and Milton Keynes and totally missed the concert. I was clearly not meant to be there. Didn’t even make it into London that night – had to crash on cHarley’s floor. Ended up not having a room at the con ($%^$&£^&*!! hotel) and crashed on Luna and Noxy‘s floor there. I’ve barely slept since Wednesday. I ache from head to foot. And I had the best bloody weekend since I don’t know when. It was just fabulous. Thank you Nocturnal people. :-) And now I must sleep before I die. Pics n stuff coming up soon…….

Lalalalalalala – change of plan.

Lalalalalalala – change of plan. The fantabulous cHarley is driving all the way up here (she’s Australian, so I guess a 4 hour drive either way doesn’t seem such a big deal to her *g*) to pick me up and take me down to London. Four Star Mary concert, here I come……..

(Megs, I’ll meet you off the train at Kings X tomorrow)

*sniffle* No lift to London

*sniffle* No lift to London (I could have had one yesterday but I didn’t know that, and nor did the person I was hoping to get the lift from). What happened is, B told me his best mate had to go to Heathrow to pick someone up, and I should be able to hitch a lift. And yeah, I could, except he’s not gone to Heathrow this time, he’s gone to Manchester. D’oh!!! So no concert for me. Waaah! What a waste of a bloody tenner. And still, I don’t know if I’ve got a room for the weekend or what. *sigh* Off I go to try ringing them again, then……