Vaguely nauseous, fuzzy headed, “enjoying”

Vaguely nauseous, fuzzy headed, “enjoying” an attention span equivalent to that of a goldfish. Wow, this is fun. Or, you know, not. Pretty much unable to do anything more creative than install / config cgi scripts. Working on a fabby new thing with Tosca but my head won’t co-operate properly. I’ve been playing my clarinet quite a bit (for the first time in a couple of years). Helping a lot. Music good. Only thing I can concentrate on. That, and the prospect of the new Buffy ep. Wish they wouldn’t keep putting Trek on instead of Andromeda. Throws me out. Humph.

SaltwaterVice: I live in this

SaltwaterVice: I live in this world of fantasy. it’s very nice, and keeps me away from sordid reality.
MoltenChaos: Is there naked Spike there?
SaltwaterVice: yep. and naked wes and gunn. men have the cleaning up gene, chocolate doesn’t make you fat, and ASDL is free and available to all. Also sitting at your computer all day doesn’t screw up your back.
MoltenChaos: Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Can I come too?
And thus Dimension Delicious was born. We’re thinking it’s a bit like Dimension Fabulous, only with extra Haagen Dazs. And stuff. Like the dress-up Tara dolls. Hee!

I’m a bad influence on

I’m a bad influence on you?! I thought it was the other way round! Damn…. But anyway, Anton *is* her sire. It’s his sire that’s big on the beheading. And the shagging. And you’re making me write aubergine-vampire-slash. Help!

I am 43% Grunge.

What’s this? The longest I’ve been without a shower is three days? Not even close, man. I should go sit out in the rain for a week.

Went to the doctors today, and now I have to take this medication, and it’s all a bit strange…. I feel odd about having to have it, cos that means there actually is something up. Oh, argh. All too confusing. And I know this is all vague and not making any sense, but I need to put it down but also don’t want to go into detail. Not working out so well. I think I’ll go and try out that sleep thing I’ve heard so much about. Yeah.

Current word count: 3500-ish (I

Current word count: 3500-ish (I forgot to bring the thing with me today). Not looking likely I’m going to make NaNoWriMo, but I’m going to keep going, and if I get a full story out of it, I’m happy. I shall just wave pom-poms for Rowan, in a similar manner to Joss at N3K. Only after less beer. Maybe.

Someone has stuck a paper sign saying “Room 101” on the outer door of our office. *snicker*

Kita’s story about the girl grabbing JM’s arse makes me feel slightly sick. Much like a comment in a Aussie con report I read that JM had mentioned that British fans scare him / freak him out. This is bad. Lar is completely right – these people are actors, doing their job. Which is not to be mauled by anyone who fancies it. Enough people do that, it makes the actors decide it’s too much, which in turn screws it up for those of us who are more than happy to grin (like a fool), say hi, and go away again. Or whatever. But be respectful, anyway. Why is it that JM is doing the larger, more impersonal SFX con this year, rather than the more ‘hands on’ Nocturnal / Sector 14? Makes me wonder.

Shamelessly swiped from GB:
Your Viking Name is…

*wail* It snows! I don’t

*wail* It snows! I don’t like snow! Damnit.

On the plus side of things, I’ve now seen all of the Musical ep. Only, in bits, and some bits more times than others. When I get home tonight, I’m going to watch it all the way through, then do the reviewing thingy. But my god, it’s fabulous! I love it madly, and Joss is god. But then, we knew that already.

Oh yes, and having regressed to 1,869 when I lost that section, the word count is now up to 3,172. Problem is, of course, I ought to have somewhere between 13,330 and 14,400 by now. Oops.

Spank the Monkey. Oh, go on. You know you want to. (Current Monkey Spanking Champion: Graham at 1073)

Am humming snippets of tune

Am humming snippets of tune from the Musical Ep. Today’s the day for the lucky Americans, but I’ve got a bit longer (though happily not much) to wait. Shall have to make do with the promos for a few more days, I guess.

I wanted to update the noms for the SPIKED Awards last night. But went down sometime yesterday evening, and hasn’t come back yet. Shit. I’m not taking it personally, cos is also dead – and also hosted by NDO. *sigh* If only they didn’t charge stupid amounts to transfer the domain out. I’m beginning to wonder whether I shouldn’t move the site to the .com address (or, you know, the .org or the .net since I have them bloody all due to Namezero being sneaky so-and-so’s). But I like my :-( Damnit.

So, after much beating-of-computer-with-a-large-wet-haddock, I’ve accepted that I’m not going to get my words back *g* and have started the re-writing process. I think it’s going OK…. and I’m going to be doubly careful about saving this time! I’m also trying to be positive about the James Marsters mini-tour being postponed / cancelled. It’s good that he’s got film work, I’m going to save money and therefore will be able to eat the rest of the month, and this way I can preserve a modicum of self-respect and pretend that I would have been coherent this time round. I would have been, really, honest. Not remotely dazed and pathetic. Nooooo. Ooo, ooo, and I just thought of another one – I’ll probably have two more clear days to work on ‘the novel’. Although that all depends on whether Luna gets her flights refunded, or still comes to stay (and have a big ol’ James-fest as planned, only with slightly less actual James). Hmmm….

I just do not bloody

I just do not bloody believe it. The 400+ words that I wrote in my dinner break on Saturday at work are gone. I have somehow lost them – I *know* I saved that file about 50 times over, but it seems I didn’t save it to the place I thought I had. And I cleared out my temp files which is where I assume I stupidly did save it to. Excuse me while I SCREAM. I mean, yes, I can write it again, but damnit, I liked what I had! It won’t be the same, especially since it was all stream-of-thought stuff. ARGH! As if life didn’t suck enough already. Sodding marvellous.

Current word count: 2,304. OK….

Current word count: 2,304.

OK…. so the problem with doing NaNoWriMo is that I’m probably going to end up neglecting my poor baby websites somewhat this month. I do need to do some updates to them, though. Like updating The Airlock with the new screencaps for this and S&S… and if I remember to change the ‘present sites’ pages so that the caps are linky too. Ooo, and I could add the rest of the ‘old’ stuff back to S&S, too. That should be fairly simple. The only thing that will take time is updating the noms for the SPIKED Awards. Hmmmmmmm.

Current word count: 318. Which

Current word count: 318.

Which is the prologue. And which, although it sounds crappy considering I’m technically halfway through the second day, isn’t actually completely shabby since I’ve been either at work, very tired from work, or asleep just about the whole time. Sodding late shift. Hoping to make more progress on Sunday when I’ll be off. I’m aiming at 1800 words a day, really. Hum.

Rowan, though simultaneously makes me want to wail pathetically, and gives me hope that I’ll be able to catch up. I’ll be clinging to the hope, then…. Lalalala…. The snippets I’ve seen by the others from the BuffyWriMo list are very impressive. But I won’t be posting mine publicly (not here at any rate… remote possibility it’ll go onlist). Even if you paid me. Or, I would… but no-one is, so that’s that, then. Heheh.