OK, so. Unpacking going well

OK, so. Unpacking going well (Mum’s carrying on while I’m at work) and computer desk should arrive some time today. Mum will be going back on home on Saturday. I’m working late shift Sat, Sun and Mon (and at Jon and Al’s party after work on Sat), so I’m planning to get started back on site updates on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. There’s quite a lot to do, so here’s the plan of action:
1) Sort out Spiked Awards, mail people and get the judging going.
2) Update Kaplooey with season 3 stuff.
3) Update TWaV with season 3 stuff.
4) Revamp and update Soulstar Design.
5) Updates and new sections for S&S.
6) New design for the HRFHS site (maybe do this while Mum’s still around if we have time).
7) Get Freaky.nu up and running properly.
8) Update various cliques and so on.
9) Sort out Eternal… Literally, and project with Tosca.
10) Contact Jess about S/D site.
11) Start LotR site and archive.

Wonder how I’ll do *g*

I want to update S&S.

I want to update S&S. I really really do. But my computer is on the floor which makes things extremely uncomfortable and means that I can’t stay still for more than 10 mins without getting cramp. And also, Mum is arriving tonight and will be here til Thursday. I’m working on some new things, too. Lord of the Rings related, one in collaboration with Noxy. Hee!

Oh, damnit. In my absence from the COA boards whoever was looking after my mod duties was most efficient…. and since I totally forgot to mention that there were some older posts in the UKBAWC site help section I was keeping for a reason (ie. to move some of the contents to the site when it’s up), they’ve now been pruned. D’oh!! *slaps forehead* I’ll just have to rewrite those scripts and stuff. Ho hum.

OK…. so. Successfully moved house.

OK…. so. Successfully moved house. Some of the furniture is in place, some isn’t, and some (new stuff) is being delivered on Tuesday. Hoorah! Still lots of boxes and bags laying around, but Mum’s coming up tomorrow (Dad was up from Monday til yesterday morning) to help me get things sorted. I got the computer set up last night, so it’s now (fingers crossed) merrily downloading the latest Angel ep, but it’s on the floor til I get a computer desk (going to buy today, hope it can be delivered Tuesday too) which isn’t all that comfortable for doing any actual work.

But apart from that, I like my little house, and the Xander-kitty seems to be settling in well too. And hopefully I’ll have some visitors soon – my cousin Richard got my mobile number from Mum and said he’d like to come up. That’d be excellent, cos I haven’t seen him for… urgh…. years! 6 or 7 at least, I think. Oh, and of course GB is coming up soon too – whee! Plus Luna and Noxy will come to stay as soon as we can arrange it.

Oh yes, and my uncle’s quadruple heart bypass (the reason why Dad came up on Monday instead of Mum) was successful, and he’s doing well so far. Big pheeeeewwwww for that.

So next on the agenda is big site-work stuff. Much reorganisation and revamping, I think. Woohoo! Plus some new stuff. Teeheeheehee.

It’s quite typical, of course,

It’s quite typical, of course, that I’m suddenly hugely inspired for website layouts and content, and for fic. Cos I have no time whatsoever to sit down and act on the inspiration. Argh! Pesky packing-and-moving. Damnit.

I’m actually going to kind of miss the train journeys in to work in the morning. Not the waiting-for the trains, especially when they’re late or cancelled, and not the journey time. But the fact that it’s 15 mins at the start and end of the work day when I can just sit and literally let the world go by. No, wait, I spose literally I’m going past the world. Or a bit of it. Oh, pants. Whatever. Walking or cycling won’t be quite the same. For a start, I won’t see the wildlife – the other day I saw wild rabbits, cows, horses, ponies, deer, ducks, geese, chickens, a pheasant, and a cat from the train. Not likely to have many of those down a main road in town. However, the nearness is way more of a plus…. not to mention the money I’ll be saving on travel.

When I got into work today, I found out that a couple of guys from the office got beaten up last night, ended up in A&E. Apparantly they’d gone for a relatively quiet night out, and were minding their own business in the Venue when a fight kicked off next to them. They got caught up in it, and ouch. :-( Luckily nothing majorly serious, but still. Not good.

I’m quite pleased with myself.

I’m quite pleased with myself. I accomplished stuff. Before I went to work this morning. Got up at a reasonable time, had a period of ggggguhhnnnnyyuuhhhhhhhhrrgh, then got dressed, sorted a few things out for packing, and put a load of washing in the machine. Wow. Then I strolled to the train station with plenty of time to spare…. and discovered that the sodding train was running late, so I didn’t get to work on time. Gah! But still. I did stuff! Even though I forgot to take my meds til just before I went to bed last night, so now I’m about to conk out on my desk. More caffeine required now.

Oh, and I did miss Enterprise last night, and I’ll miss next Monday’s and I think the Monday after’s, cos there will be no Sky then. But it’s OK, cos I have a copy of those eps, and I can probably watch them at work anyhoo. Job’s a good’un. Heheh.

So, I’ve been a bit

So, I’ve been a bit busy. Lots of stuff to do, see. I’m moving a week today…. in fact, I should be moved by a week today at this time. So, much packing needs to be done, and sorting of stuff, and all that. And maybe once I’m done, I’ll have time to update my sites again. Heheh. I’ll be much closer to work, which is good – in fact, it’ll be walking distance. Cycling may be better, though. I may disappear offline for a bit, though, cos I probably won’t get my computer set straight back up. Though I might, cos Mum’s coming up to stay for a week, and I’m going to be redesigning her Family History Society site, so it’d be good to get that done while she’s around. Hmmm. But if I do vanish, that’s where I’ve gone.

I keep getting slightly disturbing LotR related search hits. Don’t want to repeat the actual thing, cos that’ll only get me more. And I’m not even sure why they’re coming here in the first place!! But anyhow, if you’re here looking for pictures of a certain blond pointy eared male person from said film, sans any kind of covering….. sorry. Don’t have ’em. And even if I did, what makes you think I’d share?! ;-) ROFL. Oooo, ooo, but by the way, Noxy wrote some delicious Legolas/Aragorn fic – it’s up at Moonrainstar (which just had a new design, too – yum!).

Oh yes, and saw the first ep of Enterprise. Wheeee! Full ramblings over at Soulfreak. Di doo di doo. Wonder if I’ll get home in time to see tonight’s ep. Bet I don’t. They’ll repeat it on Sunday, right? Right?!

OK, so. Blogger was a

OK, so. Blogger was a bit farked. So below is the all-new long-and-boring xmas break ramble. Erm…… and I’ve also updated WWHD with all the new members, and put the Member Area back up at the UKBAWC. Had to rewrite the password script for that. Heheh. Javascript fun.

Also went to see Lord of the Rings again yesterday. Nice film, pretty film! Which reminds me, must Legolas-ify my desktop. Frodo’s pretty, but… Mmmm! Legolas! Oh yes, and I must recommend the suggested Two Hour Cut version. Fabulous! Almost as much as the Secret Diaries of… – scroll right down and skip back if need be, to start with the first one. Absolute class. Now, will somebody please point me in the direction of some Aragorn/Boromir and-or Aragorn/Legolas fic? There has to be some, right? Right?!

OK, so it’s a bit

OK, so it’s a bit late, but here’s the extended ramble on What I Did For Christmas And New Year. Prepare to be really bored:

Sat 22nd – Work in the morning! Whoopdidoo. Was actually fun… I was in the monitoring room, and that’s never terribly taxing after all. *g* Caught the 15:05 train with no probs at Hull. Not too full – I was on a four with a table, but I had my side to myself. The people opposite had their cat with them – she wasn’t very impressed, bless. But very well behaved, considering. Crossed London by tube in very good time. So good, in fact, that when I reached London Bridge at 18:45, I discovered that I was in time to catch the train before the one I was aiming for. Woohoo! So I got to Battle at 8pm. Sweet. Mum and Dad met me, went home, ate, watched a DVD (can’t even remember which film now…. my bro has many many many!). Sleeeeeeeep.

Sun 23rd – Dragged self out of bed eventually. Faffed around for a bit, then went into town with the bro. Shopped like there was no tomorrow! Successfully got pressies for everyone. Hoorah! Ended up spending more than we’d intended, of course, cos we spotted a couple of things to get for the parents from the two of us. D’oh!! *g* Got home in time for tea, then went off to church for the carol service. Sang with gusto :-) Got back in at about 8:30, and Mum and Dad watched telly while I called Alison, Clara, and Sarah. Much chatting…. and I hadn’t even thought about getting online to check my mail. Wow, record! *g*

Mon 24th – Another quick dash to the shops in the morning, where we finished off the present buying. Martin dropped me off at Alison’s on the way back, where I got the tour of her new flat (very nice, huge garden), chatted to her and Craig, ate chocolate log, and watched Sinbad. Heehee! Ali and Craig then gave me a lift home, where I discovered that Mum had actually been expecting me back for lunch. Ooops. Christmas Eve is Stew & Dumplings day, you see (yum!!), but I’d thought we were eating in the evening. So I had to heat mine back up. After that, Clara popped round on her way home from work. And then it was time to finish wrapping the presents, have tea, and settle in for more telly and DVD watching. Checked my mail (and blogged) before I went to bed. :-)

Tues 25th – Hoorah, Christmas Day! Me, Martin and Dad did the veggie prep after breakfast (parsnips for me, carrots for the bro, sprouts for Dad), and then me and M went round to our cousin’s to say hi to him, his g/f and our aunt Mary. Oh, and see the new telly and car – both shiny and silver. Mary commented on how nice it was to see me wearing a bit of colour (Mum had lent me a red shirt so that I could dress like Spike because all-black on Xmas Day wasn’t allowed), and Raymond showed us the video of the hotel that he and Wendy are buying in Blackpool. Looks good! Anyway, then it was back home for major Christmas nosh-up, followed by pressies! Wheee. And the results are:
RECEIVED: Cash; ‘vampire-face’ Spike action figure (‘normal faced’ version on order); Aerosmith CD; clothing (black); sweets; funky household-type stuff (mainly sheep-themed); various knick-knacks.
GAVE: DVDs; books; scarves; massage cushion; CDs; sweets; silly cheap things.
And the evening was spent watching some of the DVDs and telly and generally faffing around. All very family-y. :-)

Wed 26th – Boxing Day. Totally vegged.

Thurs 27th – First day of the sales! Heehee. Went over to Eastbourne where I met up with Red and we shopped for a couple of hours. Acquired Season 3 of Buffy on video on the Buy-one-get-one-free offer that had just started. Then it was back to Hastings, and round to Clara’s place for a girly night in, complete with marshmallows and Bridget Jones Diary. Which was actually pretty damn good. Hope Clara and Ali can come up and visit soon – it’s a pain in the arse being so far away!

Fri 28th – Went over to see Geoff (the vicar) for a bit. He reckons I should try taking up music a bit more actively again. I think I might just do that. After all those years where music was my life, then going practically cold turkey, it’d be good to get back to it. Then took the train to Folkestone to visit Daisy and The Cheeseman. Cheesy went out for the evening, so me and D got a curry and had a good Buffy(Spike)-fest – School Hard, Becoming 1&2, and Intervention. I stayed over the night, but was sharing a room with D’s little girl…. so was woken up in the morning to meet the Barbies and have a tea party. Bless!!

Sat 29th – D drove me over to Ashford where I met my Mum and Dad at the big shopping complex thing. And damn, that place is big! Can’t say I’ve seen one quite like it before, either – the shops are in a big horseshoe arrangement, with the car parking in the middle, a pavement / walkway in front of the shops, and bizarre tent-canopy roofing covering the shops and walkway so the carpark is open air. Kinda cool! Didn’t really buy anything, mainly just browsed. And then more DVD watching and so on in the evening, I think.

Sun 30th – Packing, mainly. Then a few hours on the train. And home. Ta-daaaaaa.

Said it was long and boring, didn’t I? Hehehe.

Saw Lord of the Rings

Saw Lord of the Rings today with Megs. And wow. I haven’t read the books yet – very strange that, because I devour books of this genre constantly but have somehow never read any of the Ring ones – and all was still beautifully clear. Spent parts of the film snickering over Sam and Frodo’s obvious beeeyoooutiful lurve, and other parts appreciating Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir and Galadriel….. mainly Legolas – Mmmmm! (And having just read Orlando Bloom’s bio, I’m wondering if Clara knows him, or if I actually ever bumped into him myself, all unknowing…. and if so, daaaaamn!) But in the main I just enjoyed the film. Definitely one I’d see again. Tomorrow. Heheh.

Alrightly then.

Alrightly then. Second try at writing this entry, since I foolishly tried doing it on the online doofrey, and then my browser crashed. But anyway. Headache and prickly nose yesterday morphed into full blown head cold today, so I’ve mainly been in bed and then stuffing myself full of vitamins and aspirin. Seems to be doing the trick reasonably well. I’m working in the morning, and I really have to be there since there’s only three of us in, so it was a nice quiet telly-watching, ‘net-browsing New Year for me. Megs invited me over, but since I have to be up at 6am and I’m all coldy, I stayed here. And very relaxing it was too – a nice change from working in a pub, which is what I’ve done most of the last several New Years Eves.

I was going to blather on about Christmas, which was very good, but it’s kinda late now, so I’ll just say


and call it a night. :-) Night!