I rearranged the outside links

I rearranged the outside links over on the right there so they’re alphabetical now. And took out the links that are to LiveJournals that I have on my LJ friends list, cos I read them through that instead.

Have noticed that the more tired I get, the more my strop-factor rises. I’m generally dead easy-going, me. But today, while going into the shop to get dinner:
Druggie beggar loitering outside shop door: Spare some change?
My brain: To help me feed my habit
Me: (snappily) Sorry. See, still polite, even so
My brain: Fuck off you sponging wanker! I work for my money, and I’m bloody well going to spend it on me. Rant rant rant rant rant etc
See, that usually wouldn’t bother me. I’d just say no, and carry on regardless to get my food. Humph.

Anyway, I’m off back to bed now. Had a snooze earlier when I came home from work, but I need to be up for… um… 10am-ish, so off I go. Hopefully the Dr will be able to give me a clue on either how to shake this, or at least tell me what’s up. OK, I’m gone.

I’m still dead dead tired,

I’m still dead dead tired, but I’ve finally managed to get registered with a new doctor and I’ve got an appointment for Thursday. So hopefully things will get a bit more sorted then. Also, we had a storm this evening, and after that my headache backed off a little. Hoorah! At the mo, I’m in the middle of dying my hair, having just had a nice hot bath. I’ll see if I can actually accomplish something site-wise today, too, before I go to sleep again. Go team me?

Oh, while I was walking back from registering at the new docs, I passed these two boys (aged about 8-ish, I’d say), kicking a football back and forth and having a shouted conversation. Which made me giggle:
Kid 1: (something about London)
Kid 2: So, did you see his house, then?
Kid 1: Who?
Kid 2: Tony Blair!
Kid 1: Nah, didn’t.
Kid 2: Is it near the hospital?
Kid 1: Dunno.
Kid 2: Is it near the park?….
And at that point I got out of earshot. But hehehe!! The hospital. In London! Heeheeheehee! Oh, it was funny at the time, alright? To me. Erm.

Yay Will! Haven’t actually bought the single yet, but am going to tomorrow. And you should too, if you can. Will rocks.

Wandering Cow Captured in Ohio After Escape – I always like these stories. Go cow! It’syerbirthday. Run freeeeeeeeee……. And maybe I should stop with the caffeine, now.

Right then. Time to go wash the dye off. Which should make non-black bits of hair RED! if all goes well. Fingers crossed……

Right now, I’d just like

Right now, I’d just like to feel alert for more than 2 consecutive minutes. Please? And without the aid of too-much-caffeine would be great, too. It’s frustrating, and I just can’t sleep all the damn time – doesn’t make things any better anyway. I thought this was done and over with. Argh!

Umm…… and I can’t think of anything else to say, cos I’ve mainly been asleep the last couple of days. And doing a big email / mailing list clearout. Think I’ll go back to bed now. Must get myself a life sometime soon……. Heh.

Very tired. Very very tired.

Very tired. Very very tired. More caffeine now, please.

Heard last night that the mother of a schoolfriend has died – not unexpected in the circumstances, but very sad nevertheless. Seems to be a little spate of it going about, you know. Dying. Among people I know / know of. Everybody else stay alive, now! It’s getting depressing, and making me vaguely nervous. Yes, I know that’s stupid.

Reality check of the day – a hearse with no coffin (presumably on it’s way to pick one up or something), but full of black-clad undertakers…. laughing and chatting as they drove along. Strangely surreal, but also…. not.

However, contrary to the tone of this entry so far, I am feeling quite cheery today. If tired. *g* My Xander-kitty has a vets appointment this evening (must book taxi!) and I’ll be able to tell the vet how the epilepsy meds have perked him up. Technically, they should have made him a little dopier because they inhibit the electrical impulses to the brain (or something), and in some ways he is. But he must be feeling better in general, because he’s been running around the house, asking to go outside, exploring the area, and even playing with his toys! :-) He was actually pouncing last night, which I’ve never seen him do before. When you consider that when I got him from the shelter, he was terrified of the toys (and most things, really), that shows how much more confident he is now, as well. And he’s such a gorgeous cuddly purry mog – and huuuuuge! :-D

Brother is in Australia. *jealous* He’s in Brisbane at the mo, I think, but should be driving to Sydney soon. He’s gone for three weeks, finishing off with watching the Aussie Grand Prix. Parents have said they’ll disown him if he comes back with another tattoo. Probably a good thing he mentioned it first, and didn’t just go get one done, cos they mean it. Heh. Which reminds me, must make non-black bits hair red again tonight. And…. do stuff. Ugh. Really need more caffeine.

So it occured to me

So it occured to me that since I’ve had my Livejournal, I’ve been shamefully neglecting this blog. Bad me, bad! Yesterday, then, I decided to make up my mind what I should use each for. The result is that this is for general day to day stuff (so, as it was before *g*), and the livejournal is for fan-stuff. Rambling, reviews, fic snippets, site updates, that kinda thing. Oh, and daft quizzes and surveys. *g* Now, that made Soulfreak somewhat redundant, and since I don’t post in it that often, I’ve moved the old posts from there onto the livejournal, and closed it. Ta-daa. Sorted.

Now all I have to do is catch up on the huuuuuuuuge backlog of reading the blogs on my link list. Well, that and, um, everything else that needs doing. Which includes working on the front end of this site, and most probably doing a redesign here to match. Hee.

Well, Wendy and I have

Well, Wendy and I have exchanged Blogger Inside questions. Her response to mine are published on her blog. And here are my answers to hers:

1. Webdesigning – think back to the very first site you designed. Can you describe it? Heheh….. I can indeed. I’d just learned the basics of HTML (as in, that hour) so I decided to have a go at putting it into practice. Didn’t have a graphic programme …. or actually, even a computer at home at that point, so I found some free webgraphic sites, got some space on Geocities, and off I went. The result was a small site – black background, purple text, default font face, and the “design” consisted of everything being centred. *g* But hey, it was a start. :-)

2. What, exactly, is an “enchilada sunrise”? Oh, the 64 million dollar question. Or not, but anyway:
Short answer: Two words I like the sound of together.
Long answer: This is going to sound just a little strange, but bear with me. In this case, an “enchilada” is a donkey, specifically one of the donkeys that you used to find on beaches in the summer that kids could get rides on. Also, I think it’s wearing a straw hat. Because there should be a word for those donkeys, and I like “enchilada”. This doesn’t mean I want to eat donkeys – far from it. The sunrise also ties into the beach thing. And like I said, I like the sounds of the words together. Trust me, it works in my head, anyway. I never claimed to be linear.

3. Professionally, where would you like to be five years from now, if education and experience didn’t play in to that prediction at all? Hmm…. ideally, I’d be webdesigner for a large orchestra and / or opera company. Would combine my enthusiasms rather nicely.

4. What’s the most bizarre email you’ve received from someone that’s looked at your site and written to you about it? I actually haven’t had any bizarre mails via this site. However, I have had several via S&S from people who seem to think I’m either Spike and/or James Marsters, and I’ve had a fair few strange ones through the UKBAWC site. In fact, one arrived just ten minutes ago, addressed to “angel and buffy” which said: “do you guys wanna be toghter” (sic). Mmmmmm.

5. Have you been following the Olympics? What’s been your favorite event, or if you haven’t been following them, what’s your problem?! ;) Um. Er. Let me just hide under this handy desk….. I haven’t really been following them this year – mainly because I’ve been otherwise distracted. However, my favourite event is the Figure Skating, which I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for.

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? Actually, I’m pretty damn happy right where I am – all cosy, by myself in my little house. However, I certainly wouldn’t object if I found myself suddenly in Brisbane with my brother.

7. What’s the best (or worst!) lie you’ve ever told? Oh… uh… Well, this isn’t exactly a lie as such. But when we were 16 or so, my friend Alison and I used to tell people at great length about her older twin brothers, John and William. We’d riff off each other for hours, going on about what they were doing at uni, stories from when we were younger and so on. All in complete seriousness. *g* Alison’s an only child. There are probably still people who are convinced she isn’t.

8. Beauty pageants – legit or time to quit? You know, I don’t think they ever will quit. And I think in some cases, they aren’t a bad thing. However, I really really don’t agree with the child beauty pageants you hear of taking place in America and so on – kids should be kids if they can, and not be dressed up and made up artificially. It’s different if an adult chooses to enter themselves, but children don’t get to make those decisions. That’s wrong.

10. What’s one television show or movie you wish you could make a reoccurring guest appearance in? The obvious answer to this one would be Buffy. But in fact…. I think I’d rather go for Andromeda.

Thanks for those, Wendy. That was fun :-)

Whoops. I’ve been a tad

Whoops. I’ve been a tad food poisoned. Still not feeling fabulous, but getting better. Which is nice.

So anyway. Forgot to mention the girl’s night out last Wednesday (with the girls from work). Thai restaurant, very very yummy. Not what poisoned me, btw. Then it was back here to have a nose round my new little house. Did I mention I do love my new little house? It’s all small and cosy and mine. And lacking in mess that isn’t mine and/or easily cleared up and cleaned. Ahem. *g* Finally got Sky back on Saturday, too – yay, more than four channels. Heheh. But anyway, apart from that, I’ve mainly been ill. Which is farking annoying, especially since Heather is up to visit this week (staying at Megs’. So I couldn’t go to Spiders, or even to see Lord of the Rings again. Bah. Though we are going to go again on Friday. Hee. :-) Other than that, I’ve mainly been doing a bit of site fiddling, watching telly, and sleeping. Wow, what an interesting life I lead. Eh.

Ooo, and I have to think up those questions for Blogger Inside. Think I’ll go work on that now…..

I’ve had a busy couple

I’ve had a busy couple of days off, all in all, hence the lack of posting. My Xander-kitty had another fit in the early hours of Tuesday morning, so I took him to the vet and he’s now got meds which should help control them. He’s actually been twitching much less (in fact, hardly at all) since I started them, so I’m now wondering if those were little mini-fits of a sort. He’s big, happy and sleepy at any rate, so all is good in Xanderland. Hee!

Anyway, then Megs came round Tues evening…. we were sposed to be going to the cinema, but cos I had to keep an eye on the kittyboy, we watched vids instead. Specifically, Batman & Robin, and Batman Forever. Much hilarity and MST-ing ensued. Hee! See the LJ posts for general silliness. *snerk*

Various bits of my ‘puter need pulling apart and sorting out. Feh. Tomorrow.

Ooo, and I’m up for doing Blogger Inside this round. I’m paired with Wendy of twodolla.org, and now I have to come up with some questions. ……Why did I want to do this again? (Oh, wait, there’s one! *g*). Eh, time for sleep.

Went to Jon and Al’s

Went to Jon and Al’s party after work last night. Hee, was fun! :-) More of a drinking and nattering thing than a crazy dancing thing, but all is good. Of course, I still can’t drink, but there was plenty of, well, atmosphere *g*. I love their flat, too – it’s in a converted warehouse. Extremely cool! I think I’ve decided to have my housewarming on 2nd March. Who wants to come? *g*

Oh, and when I got home, I started on sorting out the SPIKED Awards. Only to discover that because no-one has logged into the Hotmail account which held all the fanfic nominations for 30 days, all it’s contents have been wiped. Thank you soooo much, Hotmail! Grrr. I *think* I had all the fic noms done, but I’ve got a feeling there may have been some still outstanding. So, er, if you should have some fic nominated, and it’s not on the page, give me a shout asap. Cos now I’m back to ‘normal’ I want to get the judging started soon….

Bought stuff today. Specifically, jeans, cos my others are going slightly holey. And twoLordoftheRingsposters, shhh. Must go see that film again soon. Don’t think I can til at least next weekend, though. Damn work. Tcha.

God, this has got boring

God, this has got boring recently, hasn’t it? V sorry ’bout that, if there’s anyone coming here for reasons other than bizarre search results (and checking the stats, there are some seriously strange ones that I don’t understand at all!). But anyhoo, I guess I’ve been a bit busy what with splitting up with B, and moving house and all that. Which seems so simple when I put it like that, but of course really wasn’t at all. Hum.

Computer desk did arrive, and has been duly built (that was fun *snerk*), so everything at home is all nicely set up now. So, when I get home from work, I’ll be starting on catching up with my huge backlog of stuff-to-do. Including checking some apps for freedom.freaky. Yay!