One of the pot plants

One of the pot plants at work is called Henry II (the original Henry met with a tragic accident). So I’ve relabled the plant next to him. She was Annie, but now she’s Eleanor of Aquitaine, which is way more appropriate. See, doing History at uni does come in handy at work. Now, if only I could think of some use for the Music half of the course….

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I’m cutting down on the amount of website and mailing list time I spend. I was on about 80 mailing lists at one point recently, so I’ve now cut that down to around twenty or so. Yay! Also, I’ve closed some sites and rejigged others so they don’t need updates (or only very infrequent ones). So Kaplooey is gone, as is Raw Addiction Graphics, and I’ve finally got around to deleting my very old geocities account that once housed my first ‘proper’ sites. Eternal… Literally has a new design, and will only be updated with new fanlist members, or in the event of both characters being on the show and having an encounter. The Fred fanlist, Fabulous Fred has a new design and a new location, and We Want Him Dark is now all automated – all I have to do is check over the new applicants, which makes things much quicker and easier! In addition to that, Con Woman will soon be absorbed into my personal site, and the Evil Ones Button Exch will become part of Spiked & Skewered. All in all, I might even find myself with time to get a life……. ;-)

Right, yes. I’m not dead,

Right, yes. I’m not dead, and neither is my computer. Hoorah! Dean came and asked me how it was (Hi Dean *g*) which reminded me that I hadn’t actually posted here for aaaaages. Whoops. So, the computer is all fixed, and I’ve got most things loaded back on. I’m feeling a lot more with it, which is nice. Heh. I shall have to ramble at length about what I’ve been up to recently a bit later on. When I’ve remembered it all. Yes.

Well, the reformat didn’t help

Well, the reformat didn’t help at all. So I took the ‘puter to the shop, and it’s still there now. Because I haven’t been to pick it up yet. *g* Went off to the Starfury Bad Girls and Wild Boys con on Friday, and had a fantastic weekend there. Well organised, friendly, fun, and an all around stormin’ con. Hee! Now I’m down at Mum and Dad’s for a few days. Hopefully my computer will be well again by the time I get back. Fingers crossed. Now I’d better get going, since the parents have to pay for phone calls for their net connection. Tcha! ;-)

Computer is completely and utterly

Computer is completely and utterly knackered – it’s taken me five or six tries (crashes and reboots, and safe mode booting, and argh!!) to manage to get this posted. If it gets as far as posting, that is. So, I’m attempting to back stuff up, and as soon as that’s done, it’ll be reformat time. Wish me luck.

……. I may be gone some time………