There was a great big

There was a great big storm last night – big enough that it prompted me to switch everything off. Started out as just an electrical storm, but the rain followed on afterwards. The cat couldn’t understand why I wasn’t letting him go out to play. He likes the rain, and apparantly has no storm-fear whatsoever. *g* Daft animal. This morning was back to warm and sunny, but it’s clouded over now and has just started to rain again a bit. Of course, I haven’t brought an umbrella.

I have various website things to get done, including moving my sites off of (part of the budgetting effort, since that server requires me to dial up to a per-minute paid connection to upload), and redesigning S&S. Not sure how much I’ll actually get done this week, though, cos Mum and Dad are visiting – they’ll be here from Thursday evening until Tuesday morning.

And talking of budgetting, that reminds me I have to pay my rent. Better go and sort that out, then….

Woah, it is way too

Woah, it is way too hot out there! I was intending to take advantage of the sunny weather by doing a load of washing, but I just can’t bring myself to walk to the laundrette in this. Ugh ugh ugh. Is this unnatural of me? All the neighbours seem to be busy basting themselves. I’ll stick with “pale and interesting”, thanks. Though the “interesting” bit is debatable ;-)

I’ve been doing various things on the website front recently. I have two new hostees at Freedom.Freaky: Evolution, which is a group blog, and Momento Mori which is David’s journal-portfolio-etc. Check them out :-) I’ve also ‘lost’ a hostee – Marie, formerly of, has moved her blog over to a friend’s domain.

The main part of should be up very soon, too. And I’m going to be doing some moving around, as well, in an effort to save money. Sites that I currently have on servers that I have to pay to dial up to will be moved to new servers (and domain names). Hopefully not too big a job, though. *crosses fingers*

Oh well, I think I’ll go and see if I can find some shade outside to veg in for a bit. It does seem silly lurking indoors like this. But…. hot!!!! Feh.

Ozzy taking break to be

Ozzy taking break to be with wife – Oh no :-( I hope the treatment works. *sends speedy-recovery vibes to Sharon Osbourne*.
But “heavily bleeped show”? The only thing I’ve noticed being bleeped are the ads for the show that are on during the day. Do they beep all the swearing out in the US, or something, then? Huh.

My Mum and Dad might come up here next weekend now instead, cos they’re probably going to go and visit my uncle Ted (82 today – Happy Birthday Ted!) in Norfolk in the week, then continue on up here. I don’t think they’ve seen any pics of my hair as it is at the moment, so that should be interesting. Heheh.

Talking of which, Megs sent me the before / during / after pics of me during our hair bleaching and dying spree. So, um, here they are:
Before... there are actually some faded red streaks in my hair at this point, but they aren't showing During.  Mmmmm, love the plastic rain-hat look. Post bleach, pre-dye (believe it or not).  Roots have gone very blonde, while the previously dyed-black sections have handily gone red Finished!  So instead of black with a few red streaks, I have a large chunk of red each side, and red roots too.  Woohoo!

And while I’m here, a plug: go visit Megs today – she’s doing the 24 hour blogathon, and it’ll definitely be worth checking it out, cos she’s doing it as a 24-hour murder mystery story. I’m excited. Are you excited? You should be – oh, and you should sponsor her, too. *nods*

I am, in a word

I am, in a word (or two), narked off. My voice seems to have decided that it has better places to be. Hooray, wonderful. It was coming and going over the weekend, but this morning it’s gone, and so far hasn’t come back. Argh!! I was down with the heavy cold that seems to have been going around last week (hence the non-postage) but I should be better by now. I was doing alright over the weekend – I even made it to Lee’s wedding, which was an excellent do. Still, as long as my voice comes back, and the head-muzziness goes away, I’ll be fine. The most annoying thing is, I had to cancel the appt with the doctor that gave me those meds that disagreed – it was supposed to be this morning. Hope I get another one through soon, cos I really want to talk to her about that. Ho hum.

Well, that was interesting. Took

Well, that was interesting. Took the first dose of the new meds from the doctor on Friday evening, and within half-an-hour got a whole bunch of not-fun side-effects. Which made me decide to pass on the second (higher) dose, or in fact, on ever taking the sodding things again. Heh. I’m feeling better now, though.

Russ and Char came to visit yesterday, with baby Lex. Luckily, by the time I’d arrived, I’d got over the worst of the side-effects, so that was OK. Lex is crawling now, and into everything. He’s also completely adorable, and very smiley. Was most excellent to see them. :-)

Blunkett unveils ID card plans

Blunkett unveils ID card plans – I don’t see what the problem is with this thing. Apparantly, some people see carrying an ID card as an infringement of civil liberties. Um… huh? How is that? Driving licences now have photos and so on on them, and even if you want, say, something as simple as a one week season ticket on a train or bus, you generally have to have a photo ID card to get it. I’ve never seen anyone complaining about that, other than moaning about the crapness of their photo ;-) Surely it’d just make a lot of things easier, and help crack down on fraud and stuff. I’m all for it.

Sue has a bad eye

Sue has a bad eye today, so she’s wearing an eyepatch. This has caused some amusement around the office, which is a bit mean when you think about it. Poor Sue’s eye :-( Mind you, it’s not a pirate-type eyepatch. It’s a pad thing, tied round her head with a bandage. I think she should put a big plumey feather in the back. Would be most regal. *eg*

And some time soon, I shall make a long and boring post about what I’ve been doing recently. Really I shall. If anyone’s still reading this, I’m so sorry for being quiet. Really must try getting back into the swing of this thing.