Free Mr Bear!!! Join the

Free Mr Bear!!! Join the campaign to get Mr Bear back on his travels, and eventually back home. Definitely a worthwhile thing to do, and you can join in whereever you are in the world. What’re you waiting for – there’s a teddy-less little girl out there!

On the kitty-update side of things, Xandermog is doing well, and healing up. He’s asking to go out the front door as well, which is a pretty good sign, I’d say. I’m also feeling waaaay better now I’ve got my own prescription. By Friday morning, my brain was all ‘ka-ching! Idea! Idea! Idea!!’ Which is fun. *g*

Over the weekend, we mainly watched films, shopped, and vegged out. Nice and relaxing, on the whole. We saw Reign of Fire (Oooo, dragons), Men in Black 2 (yes, Sue, he really really is, isn’t he? I laughed out loud. *g*), Scooby Doo (enjoyably bad), Resident Evil (entertaining zombies and gore, some decent suspensful moments, and an ending that was actually quite scary), and Austin Powers 3 (shagadelic baby, yeah – excellent opening scene).

And I think that segues quite nicely into another Sexy Saturday question:
What is more sexier on a man? Thongs or Boxers?
Heh. I think it’d have to be boxers in general – not many blokes can carry off thongs that well. There could be ickiness there.

Another kittycat update: Went back

Another kittycat update: Went back to the vet yesterday, and the wound is doing well. He’s had the drainage tube taken out of it, so just another week to go now before the stitches are hopefully taken out. He has to keep the plastic head collar on, but he’s used to manouvering around the house with it on now, and I think the restricted vision is stopping him from trying to jump anything too high, so that’s good. Otherwise, he’s clearly feeling much better :-)

As for me, well, I was somewhat more out of it yesterday. Mmm, that’s probably a bit of an underestimation. But this morning I went to the docs and got my prescription. I also asked for some hayfever tablets. I’ve always had Claritin before, which are non-drowsy ones, but I’d forgotten that I hadn’t had hayfever tabs from this doctor. So he’s given me something different (no doubt his ‘brand of choice’). When I read the label, they “may cause drowsiness”. *sigh* So how am I supposed to tell if I’m feeling better now I’ve got my meds back again, if they do? I’ve really had enough of this whole drowsy thing. Maybe I should have specified non-drowsy ones, but isn’t it common sense that if I have to take these most days for a few months a year, I’d rather not have ones that knock me out?! LOL. Not that I have any idea if they will have that kind of effect. Guess I’ll have to try changing my pill popping fun (blah, *yawn*) to dinner time rather than breakfast, just in case. Sounds like a plan to me.

Kittycat update: Over the weekend

Kittycat update: Over the weekend he started to brighten up a bit, and get used to his head collar, which was good :-) Unfortunately, he got so used to the collar, that he managed to twist himself so that he could reach the wound and tubes. So by yesterday morning, he was feeling all yucky again because he’d irritated it, so it was back to the vet for a check up, an antibiotic jab, and some cream stuff to put on his tummy around the tubes. He was off his food most of yesterday, but by late evening he’d perked right up again, and went back to stuffing his face. Hehehe. Hopefully the tubes will be coming out tomorrow, now, but we shall see.

The owner of the dog came round on Saturday evening, and he’s going to pay half the vet bills for Xandermog (the dog did also have some scratches, as did the owner from when he’d tried to catch Xander… his hand was actually a bit swollen, so he was going to the Dr to get checked out). Which will help. I just hope Xander stops worrying the tubes / stitches – don’t want him to have another set-back, daft cat!

I’m somewhat spacey myself at the moment, cos what with one thing and another, I forgot to get a new prescription for my meds. Nice one. But I shall just have to deal with that for a few days, I guess. Going to the Dr on Thursday, so with a bit of luck I’ll be back to myself by the weekend – I certainly hope so, cos Alan’s coming up to visit over the bank holiday now. Hoorah! :-)

And finally, it’s time for This or That Tuesday once again. This time the theme’s childhood toys / games:

1. CandyLand or Chutes and Ladders?
No clue what CandyLand is. And hey, it’s Snakes and Ladders! *g* Which was always a big fave with me :-)

2. Barbie or GI Joe?
*sigh* Gotta admit. Barbie. I had …. seven, I think. Plus a couple of Kens, Skipper, the horses, and various accessories. Funny thing is, I really wasn’t into dolls in general. Have no idea where the Barbie obsession came from.

3. Play-Doh or Silly Putty?
Play-Doh becauseittastednice. How I didn’t poison myself, I’ll never know. My brother had Silly Putty, though, and that was good fun too.

4. Lincoln Logs or Tinkertoys?
Neither. Again, never heard of the first, and the second – eh, was never interested.

5. The Game of Life or Monopoly?
Game of Life! Though I really do like Monopoly too. My fave ever board game, though, is Go For Broke. Heee! (And I’m so good at it too… hmm, maybe I should have thought more about the deeper meaning of that one before I went out into the big wide world….. *g*)

6. Etch-a-Sketch or Lite-Brite?
Etch-a-Sketch rules! Though once again, I dunno what the second one is.

7. The Slinky: metal or plastic?
Definitely metal – infinitely cooler, and anyway, it’s the real thing!

8. Easy-Bake Oven or Sno-Cone Machine?
Never had either, but if the Sno-Cone thingy was an ice-cream maker, then I always wanted one of those! Oh, Mr Frosty, that was probably the nearest equiv – I always wanted a Mr Frosty.

9. Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars?
Hot Wheels… not that I was really into cars, but that just always sounded so much cooler.

10. Spirograph or Paint-by-Numbers?
Spirograph, by a million miles. I think mine gradually got broken, but it made such funky zoomy patterns.

So, there I was on

So, there I was on Thursday evening, vegging out on the sofa watching a film. And all of a sudden, there’s a commotion outside, with barking and snarling and so on. My Xandermog was out, so I opened the door…. to find him being attacked by a bloody great dog. Some sort of pitbull terrior, I think. The owner of the dog and his friends was shouting and yelling, the dog was taking no notice, and poor Xander was trying to get the hell out of there. Only, every fence he jumped between the front gardens (they aren’t high), he was followed over by the dog. It wasn’t pretty. Eventually, they managed to get a hold of the dog – I tried to get Xander, but he bolted through next door’s cat flap. I assume the reason he didn’t run in my front door was cos the dog could have followed him in there.

Anyway, since this was at about 10:45, the bloke next door had gone to bed, but the noise obviously woke him up, cos the lights went back on. I knocked on the door and explained, and when I went in we found my poor moggy cowering under the table. I took him home and checked him over… at first I thought it was just his poor little feet that were all torn and bleeding (and I was hoping some of the blood belonged to the dog). But no, it turns out he also had a nasty big stomach wound. :-( Luckily, it was on the more fatty part of his tummy and wasn’t bleeding too much, so when I called the vet, she said it would be OK to leave him til morning to bring him in.

I had to leave him at the vet’s, of course, while he was stiched up and checked for internal damage, etc. He was lucky – nothing vital had been damaged, so now he’s home with tubes hanging out of either end of the three inch stitched wound (to drain it of any icky stuff), and one of those plastic cone head-collars to stop him pulling the tubs / stitches out. I’m actually pretty glad I hadn’t been able to see how nasty the wound really was before, because I would have completely freaked out! The head collar thing actually seems to be bothering Xander more than anything – he kept getting stuck, and crashing into things, which scared him. Last night, he was actually walking backwards for a while, so that he didn’t whack his head any more. Well, it worked! He’s getting used to it now, though, which is good.

Now, it’s just a matter of looking after him, and also of finding out if I have any chance of getting reimbursed by the owner of the dog. See, one of my neighbours apparantly saw it happen, and the owner actually let go of the dog knowing the cat was there. He probably assumed the cat would just bolt over the nearest high wall. Only my Xandermog can’t do that. Yeah, so. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any malicious intent – it was just one of those stupid things. He’d been out for a few drinks with his mates – one of whom is a neighbour of mine – so I’m guessing it wasn’t exactly thought through clearly. I’ve spoken to one of the neighbours (the brother of the one who’s friends with the dog owner), and they’re going to give me the dog owner’s info. He also told me that he and his brother don’t like the dog anyway, and have now banned their friend from bringing it round here again. Which is quite a relief, cos I do want my mog to be able to go out again when he’s better! And fingers crossed, the dog owner will be OK with at least chipping in towards the vet bill, cos it wasn’t cheap.

And now for something completely different: this week’s Sexy Saturday question:
Are hickies ok or a no-no for you? If you answer a no-no, why?
Hmm. That actually reminds me that I used to translate “hickies” to mean spots. Guess I was confusing it with “hives”. We don’t use either of those – another US->UK confusion. LOL. But anyway, the question. Um. They don’t particularly appeal, and the idea of having a whacking great lovebite on your neck always seemed to be the ultimate horror when I was at school. *g* But I guess it all depends on the circumstances, and the placement, when it comes down to it. ;-)

I’ve decided to try taking

I’ve decided to try taking part in This or That Tuesday. So here are this week’s answers:

1. Dr. Seuss characters: the Cat in the Hat or the Grinch?
I’ll have to go with the Cat, since I haven’t actually read the Grinch. My little bro had a Cat book.

2. “Anne of Green Gables” or “Little Women”?
I enjoyed both very much, but I think I’ll pick Little Women – I’d enjoy reading it again now, while Anne I could take or leave.

3. Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys?
Nancy Drew. Wasn’t really that interested in the Hardys.

4. Winnie the Pooh characters: Tigger or Eeyore?
Ahhhh…. I love Tigger for his bounciness. But I adore Eeyore’s wonderful melancholy. Can I have both? *g*

5. Which author: Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary?
Judy Blume… I haven’t read anything by Beverly Cleary (maybe she was more in the US?), but I did devour the Judy Blume books with everyone else at age 11.

6. Roald Dahl books: “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” (Willy Wonka) or “James & the Giant Peach”?
It’ll have to be Charlie, though both are wonderful. My real favourites, though, are The Twits, and Danny Champion of the World :-)

7. “Harry Potter” or “The Wizard of Oz”?
Until recently, I would’ve said the Wizard of Oz… but I’ve seen the Harry Potter movie now, and I’m now dying to read the books. I think I’m going to love them.

8. Curious George or Madeline?
I have no clue who either of those are.

9. “A Wrinkle in Time” or “Little House on the Prairie”?
Haven’t even heard of the first one, but I didn’t read the second, either. Again, maybe those were more popular in the US?

10. Dr. Seuss again: “Horton Hears a Who” or “The Lorax”?
Aaaaand again, I’m guessing Dr Seuss is more of an American phenomenon. Because, huh? *g*

As well as that, I’m going to be doing Sexy Saturday as well. Running a bit late this week, but here we go:

What do you find sexier: a man with tattoo’s or without?
Hmmm…. I do like tattoos. But it actually depends what they’re of, and where they are. And on the man! *g* However, overall, I’d say with.

I’ve done the Who’s Who

I’ve done the Who’s Who page – I really liked Catt’s suggestion of calling it ‘The Usual Suspects’, but… um…. that title was much longer than anything else in the menu, so I went with the boring, shorter, one instead. Anyone that I’ve included that would rather not be there, just shout. Or if you want what I’ve put changed, or whatever. Or, hey, if you’re feeling left out. *g* Speak!

Ooo, and query: I’ve noticed

Ooo, and query: I’ve noticed that some people have a “Cast” / “Dramatis Personae” (sp?) page on their blog, so readers can find out a teeny bit about regularly mentioned people. I generally find these pretty interesting and useful…. would anyone find it handy for me to do a similar thingy? Only, under a different title to those two above, cos they make it sound like the people are fictional. Er, any ideas what else it could be called, if I do do one?

Oh. Dear. And, yuck yuck

Oh. Dear. And, yuck yuck yuck. I’d already seen this story on Yahoo news, but Vince sent me the Guardian link in an email titled “This is where watching Buffy gets you!”. Um, yes…. thanks for that, Vince. *g*

Ozzy’s back on the road. Once again, tons of get well vibes to Mrs O. I really hope this course of treatment does the trick. *crosses fingers*

And these posts are getting shorter again. Heh. Well, when I’ve got a bit more time, I shall get back to rambling about what I was doing when I wasn’t posting much. Hoorah.

People are randomly breaking into

People are randomly breaking into song. Heh.

In other news, is finally officially open. It’s only taken me, oh, over a year, but at last it has a nice (ahem) design, actual content, and is open for hosting applications. Hoorah!

Oh, and in other, other, news, Mum and Dad are arriving this afternoon / evening, and will be around til Tuesday. So if I don’t update between now and then, I’m not dead, just parentally-harrassed…..