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Another little break I don’t

Another little break
I don’t know where this year has gone to, I really don’t. I’ve had a lot of things to deal with, I spose. Well, not a lot, but enough. But I’ve been out of it for a fair chunk of the year, so I guess time has just… passed. It has a tendency to do that. Heh.

So, anyway, I’ve decided to take another break from blogging for a while. Not sure how long for, exactly, but I thought I’d just mention it here in case anyone wonders why I’ve gone quiet again.

I might give some of my other sites the odd prod still, if I can get my brain to stay in gear long enough to do something constructive. Pah, stupid brain. Work properly, damnit……

TTFN :-)

It sounds like we’re being

It sounds like we’re being flippin’ bombed. People are going mad on the firework displays, it seems. Even though they’ve been letting them off non-stop for the last couple of weeks. Tonight’s session started at about 5pm, and various ones around town have been chipping in, I think, til it got to this level. And typically, though I’m getting tons of noise, I can’t see a thing. Bah! *g*

Plus, the cat doesn’t quite get why I won’t let him out. Daft animal has noooo fear of firework noises. Yet runs a mile at the slightest rustle of a plastic bag. Doi.