Belated Happy New Year! So…

Belated Happy New Year!

So… some news. My host for this domain/site, and several of my others, isn’t going to be renewing his contract. Which means I need to find a new web home. Now, I can’t pay for proper domain hosting (for one domain, let alone six!) right now, so I’m going to be having the sites on other servers, with the domains redirecting to point to them. I don’t know yet what the redirection will run to (will it just do the domain itself, or any directories off that domain as well), so I’ve pretty much decided to incorporate this blog into the main enchilada sunrise site, and have it at blogalogalog.html. That’ll probably happen over the next week or so.

So in a way, this’ll mean one less site to worry about. And I’ll be closing some of my others, too, I think. The UKBAWC is already gone. I’m still thinking about what else to drop. I really do need to, cos I can’t cope with all the ones I have at the mo. I’ll probably combine everything into one site, eventually. Much less work!