Ahahaha!. That is just febulous.

Ahahaha!. That is just febulous. Oh yes it is.

I have a question – the advert for the Wales/England 6 Nations game with the masiiiiiive hiiids… is that supposed to be Mick Jagger? Cos it doesn’t half look like it. And if so – why? What does he have to do with rugby? Huh?

Moggy news: I did indeed take him to the vets, and the nice vet man checked him out and suggested raising his medication a bit. Which I’ve done, and today we went back for a check up. He hasn’t had any more fits, so he’s staying on that dose now. I just hope he doesn’t get used to that too soon, cos I don’t want to have to keep increasing it. :-/ That couldn’t do him any good in the long run.

Stones give free concert —

Stones give free concert — no one killed. Well, good. That’s nice! *g*

My take on the whole Michael Jackson thing is…. well, I feel sorry for him, I spose. I think he’s very, um, different from your normal human being, probably because of his bizarre upbringing and life in general. I don’t actually think there’s any purposeful harm in him whatsoever. He’s a disturbingly strange person. But not a bad one. I don’t think he could have turned out much different, in the circumstances. Poor bloke.

Check out EricWight.com if you want to see some of the concept artwork and character designs for the Buffy Animated Series. I’m not sure if the cartoon is actually going ahead or not at the mo, but it’s interesting to have a peek at these. Especially since it’s set in the Season 1 time period… only with Dawn being present.

I’m a bit worried about my moggy – he had a fit yesterday midday-ish, and then another one at 5am. He’s all discombobulated and random today, poor little thing. I think I’ll give the vet a ring. Better go do that.

I just took the codes

I just took the codes for the Webloggers webring and 1% Bloggers webring down, since the first is officially dead, and the second has just vanished off the face of, er, Ringsurf. Noticed because I was just going through editing the info for my rings to go to this new address.

I think I’ll go back to watching Charmed now. Not that I’m lazy, or anything. Um. Though I am actually feeling a bit sleepy. However, I did, for once, get a decent night’s sleep last night, so I’m going to fight it a wee bit longer before crashing out. It’s not helping much that Xandermog is determinedly snoring in his bed, mind you… *g*