Too busy to knit!

I’ve been so mad busy over the last few days, I haven’t even had time to knit. And I want to! I want to be knitting my Monkey sock, or swatching for the fingerless ‘typing gloves’ I’m planning, or starting that cardigan… or hey, maybe the other one! Or the jumper! Or even *cough* sewing the second sleeve onto BP and picking up the stitches to finish that off at last. (I have now developed a fear of blocking that project… interestingly this only started worrying me once the seaming and sleeve setting went off without a hitch. Do I have a general finishing phobia here? Am I afraid to let my babies go off into the big wide world?)
Still, I’m off to pick my friend up from Heathrow tomorrow – that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been so rushed off my feet. So I’ll have about 3 hours on the train to knit away on my lovely Monkey sock and listen to podcasts. I’m rather looking forward to it!

Upgrade…. success?

Well, things seem to have gone off ok, and I must say I rather like this newer version of MT! That everything did go smoothly, however, is not due to the documentation provided by SixApart. :-/ That’s what’s been making me put this off and tear my hair out for months! But I found a wonderful tutorial at Learning Movable Type, and in the end it took me less than half an hour including uploading everything. Woohoo! Thank you, LMT people!
Anyway, I still have some poking around the new version to do, and I want to explore how the tags work particularly. And see if I can turn comments back on without getting swamped with spaaaaaaaaaam.
I’m actually also thinking about combining the old entries back together with this blog so that it’s all in one again. I’ve seen from the activity log that people seem to be searching for things on this blog that are actually on the old one. Well, I guess I’ll keep thinking about it.

Upgrading, eep.

I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade to MT 3.35. I changed the comments back to being moderated but open to all (I’d had them only open to people with a Typepad ID before), and I’m getting spammed to death. I think the newer version is more secure. So here I go. Wish me luck!
(Procrastinating on sewing up that side seam? Who, me?)

Completed Regia socks

Finished Regia socks: click for larger picture! I’m only just getting around to uploading my photos, but I finished these socks… um… a couple of weeks ago now, I think. You will notice that the cat refused to get out of the frame – see below for an even better example of that. *g*
Anyhow, these were made in Regia’s ‘Mini Ringel Color’ shade #5217, which as you can see is nice and bright! I made them with 2.5mm DPNs using a basic sock pattern that I got free with some Opal yarn ages ago, although slightly modified since I made them longer (to the top of my calves) so they’d go well under my DMs. Therefore it needed to be a bit wider at the top – I actually cast on 6 extra stitches and decreased further on down, but I think in future I should just start with larger needles. The finished socks are a bit stiff feeling… not too tightly knitted, but the yarn itself. I think they’ll soften up after they’ve been washed though, as my Opal ones certainly have.
In other news, this time I’m trying posting using w.bloggar – let’s see how it goes…
Now back to the sock pics:

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Well oops – I did notice a couple of days ago that all the posts seemed to have disappeared from the main page, but because I’d been having general computer slowness, I thought it was just me that the page wasn’t loading fully for. So when I came back to it today and everything was still missing, I finally started wondering why. Then I noticed that everything was stopping at the BookMooch widget in the sidebar. Aha! Had I accidently messed up the code in the template? I double checked…. and no. Eventually, I twigged: I had an email from my web host a few days ago telling me that they’d upgraded PHP on the servers. I was using the php include version of the widget. It would seem the two aren’t compatible. So I’ve now changed to the javascript version, and all is well again. Hoorah!
In other news, I’m having a crack at writing this post in ScribeFire. I think I do prefer it to the pop-up Quickpost bookmarklet, but it doesn’t incorporate the “Extended” post second window (unless there’s a way to do that? Anyone?) so I’m not sure how that might work when I want to use that. Hmmm.