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I have been blogging.  No really, I have – just not here.  And no, not every day either, but at least it’s more than … not blogging?  Whatever, it’s a blog, not the end of the world.  No excuses needed!

Anyhow, what I have been doing is writing short reviews on the books I’ve been reading, which are on my review blog.  That exists mainly because I have the spare domain name and it seemed a shame to be doing nothing with it.  And probably also because I feel happier having “life” things divided from “fannish” things, from long habit, even though there really is an overlap what with everything being crossposted to FB and LJ etc.  Once again: whatever.

So for the sake of ridiculous completeness, I’ll be linking my review posts from here.  Ta-da:

Review: In the Bed of a Duke |

(Yes, sometimes I like to read total rubbish.  Don’t judge me! ;-p )

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  1. Larry says:

    Yeah, but I like some of the rubbish you read.
    You got me hooked on the Honor Harrington series, for which you will have my eternal gratitude. ;)

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