Blogathon 07?

I’m thinking of doing the Blogathon again this year. On this blog, with a knitting sort of theme – I dare say I’ll knit as I go, and post pictures or something like that.
Since I’ll have my stash back from my Mum’s house by then, maybe I could do some stash-busting thing. A blanket in 6×6 squares? I’ve always meant to get around to one of those, and it would be lots of little things that would give me plenty of variety – different stitch patterns as well as yarn for each one, and so on.
As for a charity, I reckon I’ll go for the Manic Depression Fellowship. I’m hardly the only bipolar blogger around, so maybe a few others will do the same. That would be nice.

Author: Lou

Geeky fangirl and knitter, owned by large black mog. Sometime web designer. Lapsed musician.

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