35 – Fic Rec: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 15 Minutes

No, this isn’t a flashback to the 2003 Blogathon (where I was… reccing Harry Potter fic).  Well, not much.  I hadn’t read HP fic for ages and ages, but the new movie made me want to go and search some out again.  Don’t know why this one did and the others didn’t.  Maybe because I’m a little bit between fandoms, even though I’ve been reading Star Trek: Reboot fic on and off.  Anyway, I’ve just been reading this, and it was a lot of fun.  So here I am passing it on:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Fifteen Minutes, by Cleolinda Jones.

DUMBLEDORE: Aren’t we supposed to be at the Dursleys’ for a Very Significant Scene?
HARRY: I, well, uh… thought I’d flirt with this waitress? You know, in a brief attempt at having a relatively normal life?
DUMBLEDORE: Please, the Chosen One doesn’t get to be

Long Day

It’s been a looooooooooong day… and why I’m not in bed already, I’m not really sure. I’m running on caffeine fumes, or something. It was my uncle’s funeral, so we’ve been to Norfolk and home again (5:30am start, most of the day spent in the car…. ow my back). Goth Whitby so far (click for full size)On the plus side, because I’m not allowed to drive at the moment, I got some knitting done. Um, yay? So yup, I have another couple of inches done of my Whitby sock. There would have been more, but I was pretty tired by the time we were on our way home, so I slept for a couple of hours. I feel a bit guilty about that, cos Mum and M were having to stay awake and do the driving. But then, I didn’t sleep well last night because my brain was in ‘oh no, what if I don’t wake up in time’ mode.

The funeral was fine, and it was good to see all my cousins, even if the circumstances weren’t exactly great. I even met up with a cousin I haven’t seen since we were both 2, and a couple of others that I might not have met at all. I have a lot of cousins. The ones who are all my age are actually my first-cousins-once-removed (the children of my first cousins) due to the generational wonk my family has going on. *g* One of these is my cousin B, who is great, and who I’m hoping to keep in touch with more regularly – we’ve been saying we will, but crucially this time we remembered to exchange email addrs! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go and stay with her at some point so we can have a proper catch-up.
Back to the knitting, I’ve been doing lots of other things as well. I finished my first Hedara sock:
One Hedara down...

And the kitty-face baby hat that I’ve done for a friend’s expected new baby:
Kitty face Baby Hat

Aaaaaand finally I’ve finished off the HP Slytherin scarf I’ve been making for Sann for, oh, years (it was the weaving in of the ends that I stalled on). Hoorah!
Sann's Slytherin scarf

Yaaaaay, finished objects! I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll now: I’m determined to finish one of the jumpers that’ve been lurking for years as well (see sidebar). I had resolved that I wasn’t going to cast anything new on until I’d finished at least one project, and now I’ve finished two and a half… but… finishing one of those flippin’ jumpers will feel like a real achievement. So that’s my next plan, along with continuing with the other things I have on the needles, of course! I really must remember to post on here with pics of the other things I’ve done recently as well. But not tonight. Now, it’s bedtime. Zzzzzzzzzz………

Loopylou and the Multitude of HP Scarves!

Crossed HP scarves You might notice, if you look in my photo album (especially if you’re in the Finished Objects/2004 folder) that there seem to be a few Harry Potter style scarves knocking around. Well, yes. There are. There’s one in my WIP pile right now, too. See, it’s not exactly a hard pattern to figure out, even for a new knitter (it’s just maths and a bit of applied logic, after all). So I did just that, in a couple of variations, and for both styles that have been in the films. And then, just for fun, I worked out a wristband and a bag and socks, and… you get the picture. Or, you don’t get the pictures of those because I don’t think I have them uploaded here yet. Erm.
Anyway, once I’d produced a scarf for myself, other people started going “Hey, if I gave you the money, could you…?” So I did. I also made some as presents, and a couple for a local costume shop where I was friendly with the owners. I’m not quite sure now how many I have made, and for whom. It’s mainly been Gryffindor and Slytherin colours, though. I’m probably going to write up my version of this pattern and put it online, even though I know there are others out there already. But hey, one more won’t hurt, and I’ll most likely be putting the other bits and bobs (wristwarmers etc) out as well if I do go for it.
Anyway! Have some more pictures of my *fabulous* creations, darlings:

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I just found out, via the Posh Knitters group, that if you’re waiting for your Ravelry invite you can now check your status in the queue on their site. So I did! And….
Found you!
* You signed up on June 3, 2007
* You are #6286 on the list.
* 72 people are ahead of you in line.
* 12965 people are behind you in line.
* 32% of the list has been invited so far”

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Only 72 people in front of me! Soon! Soon I can go and play ;-)
(But for now, I’m off to continue reading That Potter Book. I’m trying to take it slowly and savour the thing…)