Who’s Who

As you might have spotted if you’ve read my blog, I mention other people a fair bit. I also have people other than myself in the photo album *gasp*. I’ve seen a few other blogs that have this kind of Who’s Who page, and I’ve generally found it pretty handy for getting the hang of things. So, here’s a quick run down of who is, indeed, who of the various people I talk about, or snap, on occasion:

Mum [& Dad] (aka The Parents) – Yes, OK, very obvious. The people who were directly responsible for my existence, etc etc. Dad isn’t around any more (road accident); Mum lives on the other side of town and I see her about once a week… generally for Sunday dinner, yum!

Martin (aka The Bro or M) – my brother, 4½ years younger than me. He’s just finishing his degree in Broadcast Media and does… editing things. He’s also getting married later this year. We like a lot of the same things, interest-wise, and get on well.

Em – Martin’s fiancée, soon to be known as the SiL. Am trying to entice her along to the Knit Jam group, as she crochets and is good at arty stuff!

Alexander (aka Xandermog, etc) – my cat. A large, ginger-and-cream tabby tom cat, about 8 years old. I got him from a cat shelter – he’d previously been badly treated, but is somehow the best natured cat in the world. He’s also epileptic, but is now on medication and doing well.

Russ, Char (aka cHeWtOy & cHarley) & Lex (Lexi, Lexibeast) – I used to work with Russ, and was friends with Char over the net. We were all on a couple of BtVS-related mailing lists. They are now happily married, with an adorable little boy, Lex. They don’t live nearby, but we visit whenever possible.

Sann, aka Noxy / Noxwise – my ‘hobband’ *g*. Another wonderful friend that I’ve met over the ‘net – unfortunately, she lives in Germany, so we’ve only been able to meet up infrequently, but we chat online regularly, beta each other’s fic, and collaborate on a few writing and website things as well.

Ally, Craig & Baby H – one of my best friends from school, her partner and their little boy. A and I’ve known each other since we were 11, and still schlep around together (barring the few years when we were at opposite ends of the country). She’s mostly being a Mum at the mo, but she also works as a glass designer.

Clara, Chaz & Little M – my other best friend from school, her hubby and their little boy. After uni, I shared a flat in London with Clara, and was working with Chaz. I’m told it’s All My Fault. *g* They also live in Sussex, but they’re mad-busy so we don’t get to catch up all that often.

Craig (aka C) – my friend and partner-in-accessible-websiting! Oh, and in extra long meals at Chinese buffet restaurants – the one in town here is great, so we go whenever C visits.

The Knit Jammers – Jo, Lesley, Leila, and all the other members of the twice-monthly Wednesday night knitting / crafting group.

Mental Health People

It occurs to me that I probably mention various mental health professionals and charity workers often enough that I should clarify some things (or make up some acronyms to make them faster to type!)

CMHT – The community mental health team: the local team of psychiatric doctors, nurses, social workers and so on. I sometimes refer to it as getting in touch with / seeing “G House”, because that’s where the team I see work from.

CPN – Community Psychiatric Nurse. I don’t have anyone specific I see regularly.

HRC – The Hastings Resource Centre, aka the Together Centre, aka C House. A charity run day support / drop-in centre for people with mental health needs. Quite nearby me, so convenient for popping in.


As my blog has been going for some years now and I’ve moved up and down the country a couple of times in that period, there are some people who don’t turn up in current blog posts but are there in the archives.

Hannah – a good friend who I met on the train to London (we had both been booked into the same seat!) when we both were living in Hull. We got chatting on the journey down, and stayed in touch ever since.

Meghan / Megs (aka Miss Megolas) – the owner of Intergalactic Hussy, who I originally met over the ‘net… er… in about ’98 or ’99. We lived pretty nearby each other for a couple of years, so saw each other in Real Life(TM) a fair bit. We’ve done a few website collaborations together, too.

Heather (aka Gunbunny / GB) – the owner of Burntcopper.com and Kabukivice.com. Another ‘net friend who has crossed over into Real Life *g*. We don’t live near each other, but have visited and gone to cons together.

Luna – the owner of the now-closed Spikespotting.com and once my partner in unashamed-Spike-squeeeeing. *g* She lives in the same town as Noxy, so again, we only met a few times in Real Life.

Sue, Vince, Dean, Stuart, Jon, Alastair, Mick, Steve, Nik, Hayley, Becky, Terry, John, Graham, Lee, Richard – various assorted ex-work colleagues. Some of whom read the blog, nosy so-and-so’s. ;-) *waves*