*sigh* It had to happen

*sigh* It had to happen one of these days. I turned up for work at 7:45am (after having been off sick for a week) to discover that I’m actually on the 10am-8pm shift this week. Crap. Could’ve had two lovely more hours in bed! I live too far away to go home again, so I’ve stayed and I spose at least I’ll get home in time for Andromeda. Yay.

I made one of the cliques yesterday. It’s now open and ready for joining. It’s called We Want Him Dark and it’s for those of us who love evil Angelus and the darker side of souled Angel. Joiny joiny joiny!

I have vast amounts of catching up to do on my links list. I didn’t do much journal reading when I was ill… didn’t do much at all, actually, other than lay / sit around and go “guuurgh”. Oh well.

Went and got tickets for going down to Hastings at the weekend. Now I just have to ask the neighbours if they can look after the cats… if not, shall have to call B’s brother. I renewed my Young Persons Railcard for the last time, too, with 9 days to spare for the age limit. But there was a 15-month offer thing on it, so I’ll actually be using it until well after my 27th birthday. Heheheh. Scary thing, the picture I have on it was taken when I was at uni, and I have my natural blonde hair. I can’t decide if it really looks like me or not.

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