Bargaining with myself

Even though I have…

  • Mum’s birthday present to finish;
  • Nine other things in progress in one way or another;
  • The next round of the Pentathlon starting in two weeks (and I need to choose a yarn… hmm…);
  • And, ugh, housework and shopping to do

I’m still really wanting to cast on a new pair of socks. Specifically, Jane’s Bracket Fungus socks [Ravlink]. I have everything ready to go for them, and I have done for ages. Yarn balled up, pattern printed out and tucked into a plastic sleeve, and all popped in a project bag with the needles and a row counter. But I have all the other things to do first, and now they’re starting to feel like chores because I want to jump to the new and exciting thing.

So, here is my bargain with myself. The carrot I’m dangling in front of my unmotivated nose! If I can…

  • Finish unpicking the cast off of the second Jacobean sock and re-do it with a tubular bind-off (first sock already successfully done, yay);
  • Finish one repeat of the WFS edging;
  • Do the finishing for the two pairs of baby bootees (which honestly isn’t going to take long! I’ve just been procrastinating), which means: seam up the flat knit pair, make knitted buttons for both and attach them, make the button loops, sew in any ends;
  • Stop mentally flailing over which yarn I should use for the next Pentathlon project because really, I can’t choose properly until I see what the pattern is (although I’m sure I will be posting a short list of my possible choices here like I did last time);

Then I am allowed to cast on for the Bracket Fungus socks and knit up to the first bit of the leg, before I should go back to Mum’s birthday present.

Although, I should probably go shopping at some point as well. Heh. I’ve sold some of my yarn and a Rowan mag, so I’m going to be taking those down to the post office. And didn’t I also need some of that… what’s it called…. oh yes! Food. I’d better write a list.

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3 thoughts on “Bargaining with myself”

  1. I love carrots – both real and motivational. *g* I’m actually finding that the combination of to-do lists and rewarding myself for doing things works really well. Um… Breaking large tasks down into smaller sections? Oh, and timetabling – blocking out bits of the day and not spending too long on one looooong job.
    I’ve been meaning to mail you and ask when you’re off. I really hope we can get together when you’re in the sort-of area!

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