Project 365 #6, Days 35-44: 13th – 22nd Feb

Since I’m still playing catch up, here’s yet another picdump: days 35 to 44 of my Project 365 photos. If you want to see all the photos so far, click on the Project 365 category link, or check out the Project 365 folder in the photo album.

On to the pics (click them for the full sized versions):

Day 35 – 13th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 13/02/08
The Fetching-esque scarf that I made for Mum to go with her Fetching mittens. This was a really quick knit. Must get the pattern written up properly soon!

Day 36 – 14th Feb 08
Project 365 photo no.1 from 14/02/08
The Xandermog demands an explanation for this woolly invasion!

Project 365 photo no.2 from 14/02/08
…but decides that pretending to ignore it is the best policy (while sneakily laying on the stitch holder to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere without his say-so).

Day 37 – 15th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 15/02/08
Xander likes his little mouse (a present from my SP11 pal, Janey). But eww, I really need to hoover out his cat bed!

Day 38 – 16th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 16/02/08
Yay, new telly!! New to me, anyway: my old one went kaput last year, and I’ve had a 14″ portable on loan from my brother ever since. Now my Mum’s bought herself a shiny new flatscreen, so I’ve inherited her old one. Awesome! Now, name that show.

Day 39 – 17th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 17/02/08
Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooes! The blue screen of death strikes again :-( I’m going to have to reformat soon, I think. Meanwhile, also visible in this picture: handcream, glasses cleaner (on its side), the very top of a Dalek, sundry notes to myself, and a little woolly sheep.

Day 40 – 18th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 18/02/08
Everything that I’m going to need to knit Mum a present for Mother’s Day. The pattern is Kyla, the yarn is from the Yarn Yard sock club, and I called them the Mother’s Day Mitts.

Day 41 – 19th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 19/02/08
I actually put the yarn down on the floor to take a photo of it so I could put it up on my Ravelry stash, but of course I’m not allowed to do that without supervision ;-) I love the way he’s giving it that “what’s that doing in the way of my tail?” look, when it was there before he came and plonked himself down…

Day 42 – 20th Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 20/02/08
My desk, covered with things for posting stuff (books that had been mooched, I think it was) out, plus other various stuff. My mood chart for example – that’s the coloured sheet at the back. And my rings are on the top shelf… I always arrange them in that triangle formation when I take them off. Wonder what that says about me?

Day 43 – 21st Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 21/02/08
One finished Damson glove, woohoo!

Day 44 – 22nd Feb 08
Project 365 photo from 22/02/08
It’s a teeny tiny beetle. I don’t know what it is, but it was in my bathroom, and this is it on the inside of an envelope. The fact that I’ve zoomed right in doesn’t give any real sense of scale, but it was smaller than my little fingernail, and I have pretty small hands.

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