Project 365, 22nd March – 4th April

I meant to post these weekly, but I’ve gone and slipped up already.  So here are another two week’s worth of Project 365 photos.  They’re also up at Flickr in my Project 365 ’09-10 set and in the Project 365 album for this year in the photo album here (you can see the great-big full size versions there).  This time I’m going to put the medium-size pics up here rather than the thumbnails and put some comments in as well.  Ideally I want the medium pics to link to pop-ups of the full size versions, but the plugin I’m using to integrate the blog with the photo album is being a bit temperamental about that.  But with a bit of luck that’s what I’ll get.  Here we go:
[image:1112:c:l=p]Finally, finally finished and pinned out to block on my bed.

[image:1106:c:l=p]Saying his bedtime prayers?  I have no idea why he sleeps like this sometimes, but it’s cute!

[image:1108:c:l=p]The set-up rows and first couple of pattern repeats for the Forest Canopy shawl I’m making for E as a Wedding shawl.

[image:1111:c:l=p]The only completed Salida sock I managed for the first SKP09 pair.  Oh well!  I wasn’t going to get the next one done, so I gave up and decided to see how I could do with the second pair when it was announced on 1st April.

[image:1110:c:l=p]Mum cut my hair for me, and made this interesting piece of “art” on my kitchen floor with the chunks she chopped off.

[image:1109:c:l=p]Sadly, no sheep on the actual tissues, but isn’t the box cute?  Sheeeep!

[image:1115:c:l=p]That great big daft Xandermog, once again sleeping with his tongue poking out.  And look at those enormous great feet.  He stomps on me with those, you know.

[image:1114:c:l=p]…and some tree tops.

[image:1118:c:l=p]Taken late-afternoon in Mum’s garden.

[image:1113:c:l=p]Part of my computer desk.  That’s baby H’s dummy – must remember to call Ally and give it back!  I should probably give my desk a spring-clean, but I know where everything is on it at the moment even if it looks messy!

[image:1117:c:l=p]I really should finish this glove so that I have a pair to wear for the winter.  I was going to do them for this winter just gone, but… oops!

[image:1116:c:l=p]UKStevieB on plurk (hi Steve!) asked for photographic proof of my haircut, so I thought it’d be interesting to measure the amount I’d had chopped off in the first ‘cut’ (before it the tidying and trimming part).  It was rather more than the 5 or 6 inches I’d thought!

[image:1121:c:l=p]Banoffee Pie is my absolute favourite desert in the world, ever.  But shop-bought Banoffee Pie isn’t always quite right: sometimes it has banana mousse (what?!) or something daft like that.  But this one was just right! Actual bananas, toffee and cream.  Yum!

[image:1119:c:l=p]Another lovely day: spring has definitely sprung.  I really like this view of Mum’s garden too.  Possibly because of the bench – I’ve always loved that bench!

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