Friday 5 for July 3: Fireworks

After dropping off the face of the blog (oops!) for about two and a half months, I’m back with… a Friday 5. I know, thou shalt not meme and only meme, or something like that. But I am also planning to make a ‘real’ post later today with some updates on what I’ve been up to and what I’ve got coming up. Thrilling stuff like that.

I was completely expecting this week’s Friday 5 to be about tennis. I suppose it shows how completely Wimbledon and “Murray-mania” has taken over the national consciousness if I think that’s the first obvious subject. The US independence shebang never occurred to me at all. But Happy Not Being British Anymore, Americans! And hey, if Murray does keep winning then I’m sure we’re going to have tons of fireworks this weekend too. :-)

  1. How do you feel about fireworks displays?
    I like them! I prefer the ones where there’s the parade and the bonfire societies and lots of colourful things that go bang… I particularly like the ones we have down in the town here where they have fireworks and lasers going off in the castle on the hill, from the beach, and also from out on the sea. Pretty!!
  2. What were the details surrounding one of your mishaps with fire?
    I… don’t know if I’ve really had any mishaps with fire. I’ve had trouble getting them going, generally while camping or barbecuing, but I don’t remember any unfortunate incidents!
  3. Who in your life could be described as a real firecracker?
    My Aunt A, and a couple of my friends, Ms Charlotte in particular. Hee! ;-)
  4. When did you last feel you were being put on display?
    Um. I don’t know. The last time I sang in front of someone else?
  5. How confident are you in your barbecue skills?
    Reasonably so, though I haven’t barbecued much recently: my brother likes to do it when we have barbecues at Mum’s house. The main problem is getting the bbq started and ticking over properly!

And now I’m going to watch the tennis (Murray/Roddick match of course) – result so far: 3 games all.

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