Seven hundred and twenty

Yup, this is blog post #720, believe it or not.  Mind you, if I manage to keep this daily blogging lark up, I’ll be cracking on for 750 by the end of the month.  On the other hand, that is over the space of 12+ years, so it’s not that much really.

So what was I going to ramble on about today?  I don’t exactly remember, which isn’t very helpful.  Umm.  I’ve been playing around some more on the Javascript track at Codeacademy, which is fun.  I’ve done some terribly exciting filing and paperwork, and some even more thrilling housework.  I’ve also changed the plugin which auto-posts to Plurk when I blog.  Go me!

… oh.  But I forgot to hit the publish button on here.  Oops!  That generally helps.

Stuck already!

Or, How To Be Extra-Specially Rubbish at Blogging, by Lou.

Oh dear.

So, it’s all of day two of this challenge thingy, and already I’m kind of stuck for what to write about.  So I’m writing about not being able to decide what to write about, mainly so that I’ll have something posted today at all!  Also, in the hope that if I keep typing, my fingers will come up with something that my brain has stalled over.  Or something like that.

Actually, I think it worked.  Because it’s not so much that I can’t think of anything to blog about, as that I have several things, but can’t decide which to start with.  So instead, I’m going to ramble about WordPress plugins.  Fascinating, hmm?  Specifically, it’s the plugin that autoposts to Plurk that’s giving me trouble – yesterday it did a weird triple post with the temporary page preview address in it instead of the address for the published post.  When I had a look on, I discovered that the plugin hasn’t been updated for ages, so that’s likely the issue there.  There are some new ones that should do the trick instead, so I’m going to install one of those instead.  Although since those also post to Twitter and FB (which I’m currently using the Jetpack module to do), I think I’ll swap over for those as well.  Assuming the new plugin works the way I want it to and all that.  /ramble.

In other news, I really want to go to the Nine Worlds con.  Really really really really really.  That would, of course, involve me Leaving The House and Going To London, and hard stuff like that.  Not to mention paying for the ticket and hotel, so.  We’ll see.  But I wanna!

G is for Gallery

I broke the photo album / gallery on this site ages ago, and since fixing it is going to be a long and arduous process, I haven’t done it yet.  But I’m going to set myself a(nother) challenge for this month, to get that finally sorted out, so I can have access to my photos on this site again.  Which, you know, would be (a) nice, and (b) useful.

Basically what happened, as far as I can tell (and as if anyone but me really cares), is that when I installed a WordPress gallery plugin (NextGen Gallery) to have a look at, it violently disagreed with my already installed gallery software (Coppermine), which had a bridge WP plugin so I could easily access my already existing photo galleries from there when I was writing blog posts etc.  Coppermine had been installed for years, long before I’d been using WP as my blogging platform.  Anyway, I don’t know what exactly caused it all to have a hissy fit, but I do know that none of my photos now show up, despite them physically existing on the server.  Marvellous!  I tried uninstalling NextGen Gallery, but since that didn’t help, I’m now going to move everything across to NextGen instead, and drop poor old Coppermine.  It’ll probably be easier in the long run, and I won’t have to be maintaining two databases etc any more.  But moving it all across is going to take a while, and be a pain.

If I do it a little at a time, though, it shouldn’t be too bad.  I think I’ll try to spend maybe an hour a day on it.  Surely that way it should get done pretty quickly?!  And also I’ll know for sure how long it does take me, rather than it just feeling unending.  I think giving myself permission to stop working on it after a specific period will help, too.  Let’s see how it works out.