I’m off down south on

I’m off down south on Thursday morning (at the charming hour of 6.30am) to visit family and friends. My mum has a whooooole load of stuff for me to sort out (oh, yay) while I’m down there. Called Alison and Clara last night and arranged to meet up with them – haven’t seen them since before I moved up here, so that’ll be cool. :-) So I’ll be offline til Monday – won’t even be able to read my mail on the web cos B will still be at home and downloading it with his. Whoosh. Still, I’d better get used to it – I’m away for 2 weekends in June at the convention things. I feel I should be hugely excited about those, and in a way I am, but I’m disappointed too, cos Barry should be going, but now he’s not because we can’t both afford it. :-( It was our only holiday this year, too. Stupid bloody money. I know the con’ll be fun, but I’ll feel bad for having a good time and meeting all the guests without B – it’d be different if he’d decided not to go because he didn’t want to. I don’t know, maybe I should cancel my ticket too, and just go to the Wolverhampton and Glasgow events. I don’t know what to dooooooooooooo!

Official Monster Raving Loony Party webpage. Only £12 a year to join – whoohoo!

Anji, really. Poor little donkeys. Suits them much better anyway. Surely you didn’t think this site was called after a type of food?……

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