Alright, I think I’ve got this blog looking pretty much the way I want it for now. Yaaaaaaaaay! Mainly, I’ve been working on the right-hand sidebar. PhpCurrently (which was insecure) has been replaced with Lirae‘s RightNow. I highly recommend that – very simple to install, set-up, and use, and does exactly what I want! *g* There are also a few other interesting scripts on the same site.
Further down I’ve also added widgets from LibraryThing and BookMooch. Boooooooooooks! :-)
Finally, I thought it was about time I double-checked all the webrings were still active, and updated those, and also my BlogChalk and Globe of Blogs listing. Now I’m just going to go through my Blogroll to prune out any dead links there, and I’m done. Hoorah!
(Having said that, however, I do intend to upgrade to MT 3.35 soon. I really should get on that, shouldn’t I?)

Author: Lou

Geeky fangirl and knitter, owned by large black mog. Sometime web designer. Lapsed musician.

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