I went to the animal fair

So, once again I’ve been mainly too busy to knit, as I’ve had my friend staying (we had a brilliant time), and then my aunt sadly died (she had cancer), so there was her funeral in Blackpool to go to – one of those bitter-sweet things where it’s not an occasion you want to be happening, but it is nice to be with the extended family. *sigh*
Once I was back from that, I was working on Purdyshop.com, which is an online store for handmade designer glass jewellery, belonging to one of my best friends. We got that finished and open on Friday – hoorah! There will probably be a few small tweaks needed, but all in all I’m pleased with it.
So, that means I have time to do other stuff again. Like knitting! In fact, as soon as I’ve finished writing this entry I shall be parking myself on the sofa with an mp3 player full of knitting podcasts, BP, and the Monkey socks. Yay!
BP needs a sleeve sewn on, then I have to pick up again and knit the edging. So, nearly done! At long last!! As for the Monkey socks, I’ve just finished the first one, so I’ll be casting on No. 2 once BP is finished. I really enjoyed the first one – I made a couple of slip ups due to not paying attention, but nothing disastrous. I’ll post pics of the process soon. I was going to do that tonight, but I’m impatient to get back to the actual knitting, so they’ll have to wait. Oh, except I already do have a photo of the first sock uploaded to the photo album when it was only a few rows ‘old’. I’ll put that in here then – here you go:

Four rows of Monkey sock

And I’m off. TTFN!

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