The birds and the beasts were there

Still no pictures (must get around to that by the end of the week), but I’ve cast on my second Monkey sock. Which means that, yes, BP is done. Um, almost. Alright, I’ve sewn on the second sleeve, and done the edging (which was a billionty stitches). All that actually needs doing now is for me to sew in the final two ends (on said edging), wash and block it, and sew the button on. Hoorah! Maybe tomorrow, then. Oh, and I was going to sew a little label in it, too. Must find those.
Other than that, I have (oops) totally fallen off the yarn wagon. I know, I’m bad. But I haven’t bought anything that I don’t have a project in mind for. In fact, I’ve bought sock yarn. So, more socks! Socks are good. And I have plenty of sock patterns (I love you, Knitty and Magknits! You enable me so!) that I’m dying to knit, so it all works out.
Actually, some of the sock yarn is going to be those typing gloves I mentioned. Since we have winter in July, and everything. Brr!
But before I start on those, I must get back to finishing up my WIPs (including the kitty jumper I’ve got done but for the sewing that’s for a certain small person), and working on that there Monkey. You know, if I had more DPNs, I could knit more pairs of socks at once…. *cough*

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