Die Wolle!

Also! Ich kann nicht gut Deutsch spreche, aber wolle ich für einer blog Eintrag es versuchen. Ich habe aus BockstarkKnits einen Preis gewinnt! (And really, me writing this in German is silly, since the fab Kris who runs the site is actually an American expat.) Letze Samstag, es kam mit der Post: eine handgemacht strickendes Projekt Tasche, und ein schön Strang das grün Sockenwolle. Klasse!
So, yeah, if you didn’t get that, or are still in hysterics over my crappy grammar (please feel free to correct me, because I know I’m rubbish but I’m trying to re-learn!), what I’m trying to say is that I won this fabulous sushi-pattern handmade project bag and a skein of German indie-dyed yarn (from Tausendschön) in Kris’ last competition on her site. They arrived in the post last Saturday (yes, I know, I’m slow at posting about it!), and I love them :-) So hey, here’s a photo:

Mein Preis aus BockstarkKnits!

Close up of the inside - click for a larger versionI love the contrasting lining of the bag… and it’s kinda cool to have a fishy one, because woe, I can’t eat sushi (or any kind of seafood) because I seem to be allergic to it. But at least now I can look at it! Also, check out that lovely green yarn. I don’t know if Kris knew this before she sent it, but I loooove green, and this is a particularly yummy shade.
So in conclusion – yay! Thank you Kris! Vielen Danke!

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