I’ve made some definite inroads into my list – see:

  • Write christmas card list (e-cards and tangible ones)
  • Buy cards and stamps (tomorrow).
  • Write and send out cards of both types.
  • Work out budget for presents (tomorrow when Mum comes over).
  • Go present shopping – both online (asap) and IRL (w/ Mum tomorrow, prob also later this week).
  • Put up tree and decorate.
  • Knit like there’s no tomorrow (I’m not doing many knitted presents this year, but there are a couple I want to get done).

And since I plan to write my cards tonight, that’ll be another thing crossed off. Yay!

I spose I should add another couple of items onto the bottom though if I’m going to be thorough. Presents have to be wrapped, after all. And, um…. is there anything else? Well, if there is, I shall just have to hope it comes to me! My sieve-brain, let me show you it!

In more everyday type news, I also went to the psychiatrist today…

I saw a new / locum consultant, very nice man, and now I have some fun new drugs to try. Or to go into more detail, I’ve been having problems with depression and anxiety for the last few months, However, from looking at my notes, this new doctor says I seem to be “unusually sensitive to anti-depressants”* and therefore get pushed too high, into mania by them rather than just being made not-depressed by them. So he wants to try me on these new ones that shouldn’t have that same effect, but will work out the depression issues. Which would be nice! Anyway, I start those tonight, so we shall see how it goes. Let’s hope I’ll be with it again by Christmas – it’ll be nice to be able to leave the flat by myself without it feeling like an enormous production when I can even manage it at all!

Of course, typically, the box tells me to “Avoid alcoholic drink” (because of drowsiness), which is just the time of year for that… although I can’t drink wine already because of the other meds I’m on, and I don’t really drink at home anyway. But I would like to be able to have, you know, a beer or a Baileys or Archers and lemonade at some point over the festive season. I’ll have to try a careful experiment and see how how sleepy it makes me. Maybe it’ll only be wine I have to avoid still. Hope so! Anyway, the drowsy-factor is actually part of why I’ve been prescribed it: I’m to take it at night so it should help with my sleep pattern as well as calm the anxiety symptoms. I spose it’ll take a few days at least to work out when the optimum time in the evening will be for taking it. I’ll start with directly before bed, and see how it works from there.

* which really would also explain a thing or two about why I always tend to get all the crappy side-effects from them when I’ve never had that kind of trouble with anything else.

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