3: A yarny post

As I said the other day, I’m not only going to be talking about bipolar, but also about the knittng and spinning that I’m doing.  I’m even hoping to get some spinning done during the event (because if I sit on this computer chair for 24 hours straight, I may never get up.  It also occured to me that today might be a good day to do some finishing: sewing up and blocking of some of my knits that only need that doing for them to be finished.  Sewing at the computer is probably easier than knitting at the computer, right?  Although I could try that too.  I know last time that didn’t work out terrible well, since I need two hands to knit and two hand to type… and don’t have four hands (dammit).

In preparation for doing spinning, the current view directly to my right looks like this:

Spinning wheel - in easy reach!
Spinning wheel - in easy reach!

And the view directly behind me looks like this:

Because I obviously need supervision!
Because I obviously need supervision!

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4 thoughts on “3: A yarny post”

    1. This one is borrowed from a friend. I really want one of my own now! I think I need to kick back for a bit soon and think of some quicker things to post… I haven’t done any knitting or spinning at all yet!

  1. We all need a little supervision – until yesterday I had 8 pairs of eyes watching me at all times. Good thing the paranoia is under control atm ;)

    What’s that fibre you’ll be spinning?

    1. But you still have 6 pairs of eyes (and attached puppies) to keep you company. *g*
      It’s the merino – yummmmmmmmm! (Yes, I’m very very slow!)

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