Battle Bonfire

Hopefully I’ll be off to Battle Bonfire tonight with the family – I have to ring my Mum and brother to confirm if they’re all going, but at least according to the Beeb Weather, it’s going to be a clear night for it.  I was a bit worried yesterday, but so far November seems to be alternating rainy and bright days.

I wish I’d got those gloves finished (I have one!) but I am working on them again now at least.  Maybe I’ll actually get them done in time before spring this year.  I think second glove syndrome is even worse than second sock syndrome, even if it isn’t as nicely alliterative.   I do have some nice thick armwarmers / fingerless mitts to wear for tonight, anyhow, and I’ll be warmly wrapped up otherwise.  Um, is it weird that one of my favourite things about bonfire night is being out in the cold but all wrapped up warm against it?  Well, that and the procession and effigy exploding.  Ahem.

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