It all went wrong!  I completely forgot to post on Sunday and Monday because I was pretty busy both days and not in much – over at Mum’s Sunday evening, and out doing various things on Monday, including an appointment at the CMHT and choir in the evening.  Then on Tuesday I remembered, and wrote this post (or most of it so far, anyway).  And oh dear, I forgot to hit the actual “Publish” button, didn’t I?

I ended up going out unexpectedly on both Wednesday and yesterday, so blogging slipped my mind yet again.  So here we are on Friday, and I’ve just noticed that this post is still sitting in Draft state.  Ooooooops.

Must Try Harder.  Yes.

Author: Lou

Geeky fangirl and knitter, owned by large black mog. Sometime web designer. Lapsed musician.

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