Oh well

Well, I had intended to keep on posting as much as possible for NaBloPoMo, but it turns out that wasn’t to be!  My landline was dead as a Dodo for a few days, and my internet connection with it.  BT fixed it today – they didn’t have to come here, so I assume it was a problem at the exchange – so at least I’m back just in time to take part in IComLeavWe instead.  Or sort-of as well: I might as well have a go at posting every day for the rest of the month, at least.  NaBloPoMo does keep running year round anyway, so I might try again next month.  I think they have themes for months that aren’t November, which might also be a help if I run out of inspiration!  Or I could borrow an idea from Paula, who has been using an alphabet theme for this month.  That could definitely be fun.

Anyway, IComLeavWe is the name-smush for International Comment Leaving Week, so starting today and continuing until 28th, I need to leave comments for at least five people every day, and return at least one comment (assuming I have any here to answer back to, I guess!).  Off I go!

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16 thoughts on “Oh well”

    1. Hehehe, yes, I have a feeling that if I had managed to post every day this month, most of them would have been along the lines of “can’t think what to post today…”. Organisation, that’s what I need!

  1. Ugh, that stinks about the internet, especially because you had made your NaBloPoMo goal. That always seems to the way of the world, doesn’t it? Hope you have more success next month. :-)

    I love ICLW because I get to visit so many new blogs I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to see. I always find new ones to add to my blog roll, too. Enjoy!

    1. Well, I’d already forgotten to post for a couple of days, so I wasn’t going to “win” NaBloPoMo anyway. At least I got back online in time for the commenting – it’s definitely a good way to meet new people :-)

  2. Some of my favorite posts were written under the NaBloPoMo monthly prompts. And I am pleased to see that IComLeavWe appears to be monthly as well. I’m also rather anxious to see if Holidailies will be running again this year.

  3. Happy IComWeLeave. I’d like to get back to doing crochet, maybe this winter. Funny how there are always so many other things that come along. Though right now it seems I should have all kinds of time this winter. :)

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