C is for (The) Crazy

Or to be a little more politically correct, (my) mental health.  I don’t have all that much to say about it, really, but I suppose it has been the reason for my sporadic posting over the ten months or so.  I started the long slow slide into a depressive phase probably in last August, but because it was gradual (and not constant), I didn’t notice for a while.  It wasn’t much fun towards the end of last year, but this year I’ve been gradually picking up again, and I’ve been feeling properly myself again – it’s funny how you don’t notice that you weren’t until you suddenly are again – since some time in April.  Hoorah!  I have a really nice new psychiatrist (the previous one moved on to a neighbouring area) too, and I’ve been getting other support from the community mental health team which has been an enormous help in getting back on my metaphorical feet.  In summary, I feel better, and I’m looking forward to the Bipolar Group course that’s starting next week, which is a self-management and education … thing.  It’s going to be useful.

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is: Define “freedom”.

Hmmm.  Freedom is… standing near the sea on a stormy day, salt on your lips from the wind whipping off it strongly enough to almost blow you off you feet; just jumping in the car (or on the bus, or on a plane) and going; living how you want to live; most importantly, freedom is being able to make your own choices – whether by yourself or in conjunction with others, as long as you choose the method – voice them, act on them, without persecution or oppression.

So yeah.  I guess C is also for Choice.

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