N is for Nothing Much

I seem to have hit the mid-month blogging slump.  Although on the plus side, I’ve also reached the middle of the month and I’ve blogged every day.  Hooray!

Today I went to the Bipolar group / course.  Looks like it’s going to be good, and a nice group of people.  It’s a sort of self management and education course, rather than a support group.  There is one of those, but it’s down in town on a Wednesday evening – that clashes with KnitJam some weeks, and anyway there aren’t any buses after about 6pm.  Which is a bit rubbish.  So anyway, I haven’t been along to that, and I probably won’t.  I’d rather be knitting ;-)

I still haven’t quite solved the problem I was having with the Ravelry progress bars, but it’s near enough so I’m going to stop being so picky now and leave it.  Time to go back to knitting, I think, or possibly spinning.  Although right now, I’m off to bed.

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