Not Dead!

Despite appearances, the blogathon didn’t kill me. Hoorah! It did wipe me out for a bit there, though, and then I had to spend some time catching up on the things I’d got behind on while I was thus wiped out. But anyway, now I’m back and feelin’ fiiiiine.

I survived the blogathon!

And I raised a fantastic $199.66, which translates to £98.64 in real money, all thanks to my wonderful sponsors:
– Mum
– Anonymous

THANK YOU, guys. And thank you to my excellent charity, MDF, who sent me a lovely email and have invited me to submit a piece for the charity’s quarterly magazine about the blogathon and why I chose them as my charity. I’ll be sending that off to them shortly, so you never know, I might even get in print. :-)

I’d like to highlight a few of the posts I made during the ‘thon – the ones that got the actual content, really. It was amazingly hard to write what feel like ‘full’ posts to me for every one, because it just takes me too long! So there ended up just being a relatively small number of more meaty ones, interspersed by briefer comments. Anyway, the ones I wanted to point out are:
Bipolar Disorder, and MDF: The Bipolar Organisation
Fetching So Far
Excitement! I Won!
Forest Canopy
My First Socks
Loopylou and the Multitude of HP Scarves

I guess that’s all on the ‘thon until another year, then. Maybe next year, maybe not! It’s been three years since I did it last, so I’m not going to commit myself now. But I certainly do intend to do it again… and try to remember next time not to do pretty much a full day’s activity *before* I start, next time…
And now we return you to our non-regularly scheduled knitting posts!

Author: Lou

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One thought on “Not Dead!”

  1. Hi Lou, well done!
    I paid my money today, but I couldn’t get to the blogathon site to notify them that my pledge was fulfilled. I paid though PayPal, calling it blogathon pledge for Enchilada Sunrise. Because I couldn’t get to the Blogathon site, I couldn’t see how much I pledged. I think it was £20, so that’s what I paid. If it was less, well, does that take you over £100?
    Well done again,
    Nic @ Tales From The Plain
    PS Thanks for the link!

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