14: A recommendation

While I’m eating my dinner, can I just point you in the direction of an excellent post that Cia made about ‘normality’.  I’ve been asked a question about this by Ptyx, and I’ll give a bit of my own take shortly.  But I think that Cia says it so much better than I can – you should definitley have a read of “Are you normal?

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2 thoughts on “14: A recommendation”

  1. Hi, I’m back again! I just ate lunch, (wow we’re on a way different timezone!) I posted the answer to your question in my blog. Hope everything’s going OK, have fun!

    1. Wow, that is a bit of a difference, especially as I had a late dinner! Thanks for letting me know about your reply – I’ll pop over to your blog and take a look. I feel so behind!

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