35 – Fic Rec: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 15 Minutes

No, this isn’t a flashback to the 2003 Blogathon (where I was… reccing Harry Potter fic).  Well, not much.  I hadn’t read HP fic for ages and ages, but the new movie made me want to go and search some out again.  Don’t know why this one did and the others didn’t.  Maybe because I’m a little bit between fandoms, even though I’ve been reading Star Trek: Reboot fic on and off.  Anyway, I’ve just been reading this, and it was a lot of fun.  So here I am passing it on:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Fifteen Minutes, by Cleolinda Jones.

DUMBLEDORE: Aren’t we supposed to be at the Dursleys’ for a Very Significant Scene?
HARRY: I, well, uh… thought I’d flirt with this waitress? You know, in a brief attempt at having a relatively normal life?
DUMBLEDORE: Please, the Chosen One doesn’t get to be