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So, rather later than I’d originally intended (July, where did you go?!), I have signed up for this year’s Blogathon.  Which is this coming Saturday and Sunday, 25th-26th July.  What does that actually mean?  Well, I’ll be blogging an entry every half hour (or thereabouts) for 24 hours, starting from 2pm Saturday.  It’s for charity, and like the last time I did this two years ago, I’m blogging for MDF the Bipolar Organisation.  They are a marvellous organisation which I’ve been a member of for a few years now, and as their mission statement says, they work “to enable people affected by bipolar disorder / manic depression to take control of their lives”.  That includes supporting and funding self-help groups around the country, running courses, providing information and advice services, increasing awareness of bipolar, and much much more.  In short, a really worthwhile charity.

Now comes the begging part: I need sponsors! The way the Blogathon works is, if you’d like to sponsor me, please please click through and make a pledge on the Blogathon site (you can either click that link, or the banner above and then look me up on the Blog List).  You can either sponsor me for a lump sum for completing the ‘thon, or for every hour.  Once I’ve completed then ‘thon, you’ll get an email from the Blogathon site letting you know, and giving you the link to make a direct donation to MDF.  Easy-peasy!  MDF doesn’t have a minimum donation amount, and even a pound or two goes towards providing important services.  Donations are handled via Paypal, and even if you don’t have an account you can use your credit or debit card.

I know this is a little late in the day, but hopefully someone will be able to chip in.  The Blogathon people did a Charity Spotlight on Medical, Health and Awareness charities, listing the blogs who don’t yet have $10 sponsorship.  I’m one of them!  (Thank you for the publicity Blogathon people – now I’m doing my bit!)  I would rather like to break that ceiling if I can, at the very least.

Anyway, let me know if you happen to be Blogathoning too, or if for any bizarre reason you’re going to be up all night Saturday – I’ll be signed on to every chat thingy I have.  And look out for a new site design: I’m just in the process of putting one together and it should be up before the ‘thon starts.  Which might be famous last words, of course.  I’m also intending to come back tomorrow and tell you what I’m going to be blogging about – this is another thing I’m leaving way too late, but I wanted to ask for questions about bipolar that I could answer during the ‘thon.  Mainly because I was thinking that rather than writing one enormous long post about it that takes too long (I have to post every half hour, remember!), doing a question or topic at a time would break it down better. And I can do other stuff in between.  But that’s for tomorrow!  Which is now technically later today.  Good night!

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