Blogathon – sponsorship open til Friday

I’m all recovered from the Blogathon now, having got lots of lovely sleep Sunday night!  I’m delighted to report that my sponsorship total is approximately £71 (I’ve been sponsored in pounds, euros and dollars, variously) – so far, that is.  Because yes, it’s still possible to sponsor me – pledges are staying open on the Blogathon site until Friday.  So if you want to chip in, just click the banner below.  It’d be nice to top £100, after all ;-) - click here to sponsor me by Friday 31st July(All you have to do at the Blogathon site is sign up to sponsor me, you’re not paying anything through them, or to me: sponsors will be sent the details to send donations through the MDF website after Friday)

As for the rest of the bipolar related topics that I was planning to blog about during the ‘thon, but didn’t get around to (note to self for next time: choose quicker things to write about!!), I still intend to post them.  I’ll just be spacing them out a little more.  They’ll probably be quite long, but I’ll remember to use the “more” tag when I’m not in such a rush to post.

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