Hi. Welcome.  I’m Lou, and this is my personal site, full of stuff about, well, me.  It’s now in Version 6-ish (“Lou-quacious Yarns”).

The menu to get around the various sections is just above.  And here’s a slightly more detailed rundown, in case anything isn’t clear:

§ Me Me Me! – unsurprisingly, it’s All About Me.  What, you don’t want to hear my life story?  Also a Who’s Who of other people that you might read about in the blog or see in the photo album, plus cliques, swaps, knitalongs and various events that I’ve joined or taken part in.
§ Blogalogalog – my (mostly) knitting blog / journal / thing.  There may also be book and music reviews, and the occasional funky link chucked in for free. Bargain.
§ Photo Album – wow, I wonder what this one does.
§ Linkalicious – some of my fave places on the www.
§ Hereabouts – site info, banners, guestbook, webrings and disclaimer, etc.

And that’s about it. If you want to get in touch, you can mail me on lou(at)loopylou.co.uk*, or check out the speak to me page.

* You’ll have to get through the spam-blocker if you haven’t mailed me before – you just have to confirm that you’re a real live person.