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Want to talk to me? Well, you’re not exactly lacking in options. For a start, you can email me at lou(at)loopylou.co.uk (you’ll get an automated ‘Getting past my spam filter’ message back initially: follow the instructions in that to prove you’re an actual person!). Or, you can get in touch with me via the various instant messaging programmes below.

AOL Instant Messenger Message me: LoopylouCoUk :: Add me Add me to your buddy list

Yahoo Instant Messenger ID loopyloucouk Send me a message.  Yahoo ID loopyloucouk

MSN Messenger ID soulstar @ soulstar.co.uk

(I use Digsby, which enables me to log on to all those systems through the one interface. Very handy indeed!)

Skype: My status

If you really can’t bear to use any of those options (or just haven’t got the facility), here’s a handy dandy form that’ll mail whatever you want to say right to me with no further hassle, ado, blah blah blah.

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