Retired Designs

Designs from days of yore… or, maybe last year or something. Yes. Don’t laugh too hard… These have got progressively less frequently updated / changed over the last few years. I’m hoping to go back to changing more often now I’m using WordPress as a CMS, but I spose we’ll see how it goes! Anyway, here they are, most recent first.

Whole site:

Version 3: Twentysomething Version 3 (Twentysomething)
Don’t make me get up, just let me lie in. Leave me alone, I’m a twentysomething…
Designed when I still was a twentysomething, though I still really relate to some of the lyrics of the song … a design with lots of blue, purple, Jamie Cullum (original photos © their respective photographers), and music.

Went online on 20th October ’04.

Version 2: Boys.Pretty Version 2 (Boys.Pretty)
This design featured a manipulated graphic in the menu. Original pictures of Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom used in the design © their respective photographers.

First published on 15th February ’02.

Version 1 was less of a design and more of a holding page, with just the blog really running. So I’ll leave it out. :-)

Old Blog Designs:

Before the whole site was up and going, there was still the blog.

Version 7: Hobbit-y Goodness Version 7 (Hobbit-y Goodness)

Went online 21st February 02.

Version 6: Black, White and Re(a)d All Over Version 6 (Black, White and Re(a)d All Over)

Went online on 1st November 01.

Version 5: Halloween H-Two-Seven Version 5 (Halloween H-Two-Seven)

Published on 17 October 01.

Version 4: The One With The Actual Enchilada Version 4 (The One With The Actual Enchilada)

Went online on 06 September 01.

Version 3: Look Ma, No Graphics Version 3 (Look Ma, No Graphics!)

Published on 31st May 01.

Version 2: Spring Is Sprung  (Handmade) Version 2 (Spring is Sprung: Handmade)

First went online on 1st May 01.

Version 1: Alien Groove Version 1 (Alien Groove)

First published on 20th January ’01.