And it’s bye-bye Queen Mum.

And it’s bye-bye Queen Mum. It’s strange, I suppose it’s not really that much of a surprise, but on the other hand I kind of expected her to just go on forever. She was a tough lady. :-) My first thought when I saw the news was actually “oh no, poor Queen!” – losing her sister and now her Mum within a few weeks of one another. That’s just not good.

Er, and in case anyone feels the need for some cheering up, I had a sudden mad inspired (or cracked-out, more likely) few hours yesterday. Which produced Fellowship of the Rings – Moulin Rouge Style. It’s a kind of parody / spoof of the movie done all in song lyrics. I had fun writing it, anyway. *g*

Britain mourns comedian Dudley Moore

Britain mourns comedian Dudley Moore – I’m sad now. Although, with a disease like that, I don’t think continuing to live would be great either. :-( Rock on, Dudley.

And to lighten the mood a little, some news from the slightly bizarre world of the Xander-cat: His bed is under the radiator in the living room, but apparantly he was feeling a draft. Because he got up, went to the living room door, pushed it shut with his paw, then went back to bed and curled up to sleep again. I tell you, never a dull moment…..

I ache today. I don’t

I ache today. I don’t know why, and it’s not much fun. Bah. Also, there was something I intended to say, and now I’ve completely forgotten what. D’oh.

Blogger Inside is running again at the mo, and my most efficient partner Tinka (*waves*) has sent me my questions over already. Good tricky ones, too. *g* I’m still working on the ones to send to her, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

And before I forget again, really must go update my Mum’s Family History Soc. website now. Tum ti tum…..

It’s really quite tragic, but

It’s really quite tragic, but I’m dead excited now. And why? Because the motherboard on my parents’ computer is about to keel over, so they’re having to get it replaced. And cos it’s a bit old (ie. 3 years), this has meant they’re also having to get several other components replaced as well. They are therefore giving some of these replaced-but-perfectly-good components to me. WOOHOO!!! This means that my 350Mhtz processor will be upgraded to a 500Mhtz one, and my RAM will be doubled to 256Mb. SQUEEEEEE!!!! Oh, shush, I find it exciting, and it’s not costing me a thing. *happy dance*

And now I sleep. Because as well as being excited, I’m also dead tired. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Still alive, honest. Just being

Still alive, honest. Just being a bit lazy, reading books and all that.

Dad came up as planned last week, and we had a really good time – did a bit of shopping and sight-seeing, watched videos, cooked good food, and went out for a couple of pub meals too. The new meds gradually started kicking in, and I woke up more as the week went on. Hoorah! And now I’ve gone and joined the library – I think my brain needs feeding or something. Devoured five books in a go yesterday. Heh.

Site-wise, though, some stuff has been accomplished in the last couple of weeks. The SPIKED Awards winners were published, and the site got a shiny new design, and Amaranth opened (design by Noxy, content a mixture of inherited files, with the rest a joint effort between myself and Jess Walker) and has just been accepted as the S/D zone of the BtVS Writers’ Guild. Now that my brain is getting back into gear at last, I should be accomplishing more soon. I hope. Erm.

Dear god, this has been

Dear god, this has been boring lately, hasn’t it? V sorry. So, quick summary of the me situation, then I’ll shut up about it: Still tired, and apparantly quite madinthehead; blood tests came back OK, Dr has put me on different meds and signed me off work for three weeks. Was thinking of going to Hastings for a bit, but to do that I’d have to put Xander-cat in a cattery…. only he hasn’t had his innoculations yet, and they (a) take 4 weeks to become properly effective (b) cost more than I can afford, especially with cattery fees on top. So anyway, I’ll be staying here, but Dad is coming up tomorrow to visit for a few days. With a bit of luck, this’ll sort me out and I can get back to being me again. Which’ll be nice.

I’ve been taking it easy

I’ve been taking it easy for the last while. Doc signed me off work, so I’ve been basically resting up and feeding myself healthy type things. I’m still tired and sleeping a lot, but I do feel better than I did. Back to the Dr’s tomorrow for blood tests, and see how it goes from there. Tum ti tum. So yes, lazy me. I have done some cleaning, though (Kitchen: *sparkle*; Bathroom: *sparkle* Rest-of-house: *grunge*) and watched the Aussie Grand Prix on Sunday. Didn’t spot my brother, but was a good race. Quote of the day: “If they gave drivers points for scary looks to camera, Scotland’s Alan McNish would have won the championship already.” Yay F1 commentators. *g*

I’m way behind on reading the blogs in my links. I might go catch up on that. Or possibly I’ll do some more work on the Spike/Dru site. Or just go back to bed…. hmmm…….

Oh yes – new site: Molten Chaos. In collaboration with Megs and Heather (who did the design), it’s where any and all wallpapers or skins that we produce will live from now on. Yay, a use for one of my spare domain names! *g*