Must post more often!

I reeeeally have to remember to post here a bit more often! Heh. Although, I don’t think anyone’s exactly keeping an anxious eye out for my posts or anything! *g*

Christmas is coming, as it does (once a year or so). I’m off to visit the parents for the period, but this time I have a new and shiny way of getting there: I shall be driving down. In my own, brand new, rather spiffy, car! Woohoooo! I’m dead chuffed – I shall be collecting it tomorrow, and setting off for ‘down south’ on Tuesday. Would have had it sooner, but there have been a few hitches along the way, so it’s a bit of a miricle I’m getting it at all, I think. I’ve actually had my driving licence for more than ten years, so it’s about time I had my own car, don’t you think? Hee!

The one thing I’m not looking forward to about the Christmas period, of course, is that my Xandermoggy has to go to the cattery while I’m away. I hate that bit. :-( But I can’t take him with me, cos Phoebe (queen of Mum and Dad’s house) would not be impressed. And he is quite content in the cattery – he settles down really quickly and everything. He’s such a good boy. Awww.

Still thinking about the comments system thing. Maybe I’ll just change from Blogger altogether, and install Moveable Type instead. Hmm. Guess I’ll keep pondering on it.

Now I’d better get back to work – I’m making most of my Christmas pressies this year, and I’m not quite done yet. It’s a new thing that I’ve learned to do for this, so I shall quite possibly post pics of what I produced. After Christmas, obviously, or that’ll give the surprises away. Off I go, then.

Happy Christmas (or relevant seasonal holiday that you celebrate) Everyone! :-D