The friday five

The friday five:

What was…

1. …your first grade teacher’s name?
Mrs H…. H….. H-something! Damn. Hutchinson, maybe? My Mum remembers, I know. I remember what she looked like, the name is just escaping me.

2. …your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
Don’t remember if it was on Saturday morning, but I liked She-Ra! And Visionaries. On a Saturday morning I used to watch the Multicoloured Swap Shop, and later Going Live, and so on. Which had cartoons included, but I don’t remember what was when.

3. …the name of your very first best friend?
Victoria. We were best friends from when we started infant school, til her family moved away to Pevensey when we were 6 or 7, I think. And then I was best friends with Maria til we went to senior school.

4. …your favorite breakfast cereal?
Um. Weetabix, I think. It still is!

5. …your favorite thing to do after school?
Read. I was such a bookworm! *g* I’d squeeze in reading wherever I possibly could, and even when I wasn’t sposed to (ie. during Maths class…. *g*). I still do read a lot, but ye olde internet takes up a lot of what used to be reading time. Heh :-) I did also used to go out to play in the summer though, and go to Brownies / Guides and so on, so I didn’t have my nose in a book my entire childhood.