And we’re back

I thought I wasn’t going to get to post today, because the website has been down since about midnight last night, and it wasn’t looking hopeful!  But then my host fixed everything (hooray), and although I had to restore a couple of posts again, at least I had a backup of my own this time.  That’s right, I got cautious.

So today, while I’ve been working on the site design, I’ve only just uploaded it, and… well, a couple of things aren’t quite working yet.  Ah well, try again tomorrow.  I’m happy enough with most of it.

Now, I’m off to bed, as I am library-ing in the morning.  Good night!

Late night blogging

Whoops… I’m really tired today, and I nearly forgot to post.  Wouldn’t that have been a good start to NaBloPoMo.  As it is I have no time to think up anything clever or interesting (as if there’s ever anything along those lines here!), so instead I shall post a photo of one of my recently completed knitting projects:

Handsocks for MumA pair of “handsocks”, aka fingerless mitts, for Mum. Her hands don’t get as painful if she keeps them warm, so these are really useful for that. They’ve completely stashbusted some of my left over sock yarn, so that’s good too.

August IComLeavWe

IComLeavWe has rolled around again, so hi to anyone who drops by from that :-)  I’m going to be a little late in starting this month, because I’m going to be out for most of tomorrow (technically today already, eek), and I might be sleeeeeepy when I get home.  In fact, I should be in bed and sleeping now, so I’d better get going.  I may get a chance to jump online when I get in tomorrow, but if not, it’ll have to wait until Sunday.  I can do double then.

IComLeavWe: Join the Conversation

July ICLW!

IComLeavWe: Join the Conversation

Whoops, I’ve just realised that yester-today* is the start of IComLeavWe for July.  So a quick hi to anyone who drops by – I am still here, but I’ve been so busy spinning and doing other Actual Real Life things (shocking, I know) that I haven’t remembered to blog.  And now I’m off to make today’s tally of comments.  Better get to bed after that – it’s late!

* technically yesterday, since it’s now past midnight, but still within the same “day” for me since I’m still up!

Y is for Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

The hot weather is continuing, and now it’s got to the point where it’s really too hot to sleep at night.  Not so much fun.  Especially with a cat who’s determined to plaster himself against you!  Ugh.  I didn’t even go out today, but stayed inside knitting (my Clapotis is very very nearly done, yay!) and doing housework, all while listening to podcasts.

I was really quite productive though, which is good.  I’m tired now, yes, but the house is clean, and I’ve managed to file away (or recycle) a whole load of paperwork that had been lurking.  I can even use the dining room table again – it had been covered in said piles of paperwork.  I have every intention of covering it up again, as I want to finally sew up my Menace jumper.  Now that I’ve got started with the filing, I’m planning to carry on tomorrow.  Because yes, there is more.  I need to go through my files, too, and shred all the older stuff.  I should ask Mum to bring her shredder up when she comes over to help me consign stuff to charity donations.  My filing cupboard definitely needs some paring down.  Hah, so much for spending more time on the beach – I’m thinking up excuses to stay in out of the heat.  I get a lovely breeze blowing through my flat most days.  But I really must get out as well.  Maybe later in the week.  Too tired to think about it now.  Zzzzzzzzz.

U is for Uninventive

Which is how I’m feeling today.  I think it’s the heat – lovely as it is, I’m starting to get lethargic.  I could just go for a nice snooze right about now!  And I’m only just back from Knit & Natter at Carisbrooke House.  I think I’ll go and find something relatively mindless to do that involves me moving around.  Housework should do the trick!  Not exciting, but necessary.

O is for Oh Dear

Ugh, I’ve lost almost all of today – I made the mistake of vegging out on my bed this afternoon to read… and apparently fell asleep at some time not long after lunch.  Actually, that was probably why.  Shouldn’t have laid down on a full stomach.  Anyway, I’ve only just woken up.  Or rather, I’ve just been woken up by a rather annoyed, and very persistent, cat.  He wanted his supper.  Actually, he probably wanted to go out as well, but he’s not getting that because it’s almost midnight and I’m going to go right back to bed and hopefully sleep a bit more.  Will I manage to sleep til morning?  Probably not, but I don’t want to stay up all night now because that will put me upside-down again.  I’m already annoyed because I’ve missed going out to knitting tonight; I don’t want to miss anything else by being asleep during the day again if I can avoid it.  I can’t remember right now if there’s anything else I’m supposed to be doing this week, but getting into bad sleeping habits is never a good idea.  So, quick sandwich, then bed.  Goodnight!

49: Blogathoned!

Stick a fork in me, I’m done!  That was fun, but so exhausting!  I’m really glad I made it to the end.  See you next year, Blogathon!

Once again, many thanks to my wonderful sponsors, Lazulus, Carla, Omega, Mandy, Heather and Mum!  It’s still possible to pledge sponsorhip until 2pm BST Tuesday if you’d like to retroactively sponsor me!

Thanks too to everyone who’s kept me company and mostly-awake!  See you soon.  Bed for me now!

43: The Elevenses Post

Which means that I’m not only one post behind.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything to say for this one.  How’s everyone else getting on?  I was really sorry to see that Renee had needed to get some sleep, but I completely understand why – I was beginning to worry if I might have to do the same thing because I didn’t want to risk making myself ill, pushing myself into a manic or depressed, or mixed-cycling phase through lack of sleep.  Or really, because my sleep routine was messed up.  I’m pretty sure now that I will in fact be OK, and I’m likely going straight to bed at 2pm and I dare say I’ll sleep til morning.

And wow, talking of Elevenses, I’m suddenly hungry again.   Toast, anyone?

40: Playing catch-up again!

Right then, what I’m going to do, in case I’m not technically dropped out for missing an hour, is bring my post count up to where it should be.  Which at the moment should be post #42, so I still have a couple to go!

I think I’ll come up with some techniques for keeping going fora another three hours, and for waking up a bit better right now:

  • Food – food is energy.  Bananas are good!  Just make sure not to relax on the sofa after eating!
  • Washing your face / brushing your hair.  Both make you feel more awake and generally better.
  • Moving around… stay awaaaaaay from the sofa, and definitely the entire bedroom!

33 – Daylight!

It’s light enough outside now that I can turn the lights out in here.  I feel a bit more awake again.  Surely some natural light will help, right?

Eight hours seems like a really long time to go, though… I’m a bit worried that I’m not going to make it.  I’m more tired than I was expecting, and to be honest I don’t want to make myself ill.  I need to be functional next week, after all.  But I don’t want to give in!  Oh, I’m probably just whining because I’m tired.  Ignore me!

30: Time Out

Food is helping, but I think I have to take a brief time out, or I’m going to fall asleep on my keyboard.  Even though my back is killing me!  Good lord, this getting older thing is obviously catching up with me!  I don’t remember having this much trouble by this time last ‘thon.  And I know I didn’t the first year I did it back in 2003… because I was manic and the time and not sleeping anyway.  Whoops.

I’ve tried getting up and moving around, doing some stuff around the flat, splashing cold water on my face, but as soon as I sit back down I’m half asleep and really uncomfortable again!  So I’m going to go and sit on the sofa and knit for a little while.  Listen to a podcast, maybe.  I’ll come and check back in, but there probably won’t be much of interest here for at least an hour (not that there has been recently anyway!).  See you later!