This landed in my mailbox

This landed in my mailbox today. I felt I should share. *g* >

This landed in my mailbox today. I felt I should share. *g*

<< August 7th Census. As some of you may know there is a census coming around on August the 7th. For those who don't know, a census is where the government gets your details like number of people in the house, religion, etc. If there are enough people in the country, about 10 000, who put down the same religion, it becomes a fully recognised and legal religion. It is for this reason that it has been suggested that anyone who does not have a dominant religion put down "Jedi" as their religion. Don't worry, you can't get into any trouble. You're just helping to mess with the government in a small way. So send this on to all your friends and tell them to put down "Jedi" as their religion and we can have "Jedi Knights" running around. Yes, this is a Sci-Fi thing, but it will also **** with the government. So if not because you love Star Wars, then just to annoy the government....and annoying people is very important... >>

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