Cool, it’s publishing again. So,

Cool, it’s publishing again. So, new design, woohoo! I’m trying for new levels of basic, here. *g* So, no graphics, and the button and banner I made to go with the layout were done in Paint (which is partly Megs’ fault, cos she made me curious with her IT project… which I’m positive she mentioned in her blog, but I can’t find the entry to link to for the life of me – anyway, it’s to make a site using only Notepad and Paint), which was harder than you might think.

Marc, who left a message in the guestbook, asked me if Yorkshire was all that bad….. am I giving the impression I don’t like it up here? Cos I do! (Well, apart from the extreme distance from all those lovely boots in Camden Market, but hey, I can’t afford ’em anyway. *g*) It’s way nicer than London.

I’ve added more blogs in the elsewhere bit on the right…. there are relatively newly discovered ones belonging to Tosca, Catt, Melly, and Kate Bolin, and I’ve also put in What’s New Pussycat, and, cos I’ve been reading them for quite a while.

Feeling like shite again today,

Feeling like shite again today, too. Half woke up this morning, convinced I’d slept in and was going to be late for work. When I prised my eyes open, the clock said 4:50. And my brain went ‘OMG, I’ve slept through the whole day!!’ Then I realised my alarm clock was still switched on. 4:50am. Arse. Then of course I couldn’t get back to sleep properly, and since I didn’t get to sleep til after 1am (I tried, I just didn’t sleep), I’m really not doing so well now. I can’t wait til Saturday…. I’m going to sleep the whole damn day if I can manage it.

Really don’t like this time of year. Can’t sleep, can’t eat…. OK the second one is probably a good thing, considering, but still, the combination isn’t fun.

But anyway, I got my new blog design done…. except, of course, I can’t get Blogger to publish (some problem with the ftp server – I can ftp in to the site from home, but it’s slooooooooow) so it’s only showing up in the link colours on the blog, and on the other non-blog pages. Ho hum. If this publishes, then it will be showing, of course, so that was a pointless ramble.

It’s Dad’s birthday today. I’m going to ring him a bit later, but I can’t sing cos I’m at work. *g* We’re going straight to see The Mummy Returns after work, so I can’t call this evening. And when I get home, I’m going straight to bed. Oh yes.

More search results: emily bouffant

More search results:
emily bouffant
taste the rainbow clique
sunrise pic
The Bondage Website I’m g (oing to?)
chatting with sluts on icq

Shame that fourth one down got cut off, huh? Maybe I really should submit to Disturbing Search Requests. Heh.

Still haven’t managed to publish. Lets see if it’ll work this time……

Guhhhh. I feel like crap.

Guhhhh. I feel like crap. Didn’t sleep at all well last night and just feel generally crappy this morning. Just want to go home and sleep, but Megs is coming round to watch Buffy, and even if she wasn’t I know damn well I wouldn’t go to bed. I’m going to try and get an early night, though. I am.

Got all sorted out last night, I think, so that’s good. And I’ve discovered a load more people who have blogs / journals, which is cool. Adding them to the elsewheres on the right, there, in a bit.

I spose it’s a bit silly me writing this, since the site is down along with some of my others, a victim of *something* dying between Docklands and my host. Pipe or server, I’m not sure, but the end result is a big 404-y blank. Seemed to come back briefly last night, but was so sluggish I couldn’t load the page on my crappy connection, and is gone again now. Nothing I can do about it *shrug*.

I think I’m going to redesign. What I have in mind shouldn’t take too long. Just thought of another design, too, but I might actually use that for the main part of Enchilada Sunrise. Mmmm….. yes, new design, I think. Yep.

Well, I’m back in sunny

Well, I’m back in sunny Yorkshire. And no, that wasn’t sarcasm – it really is very nice weather here…. much warmer and sunnier than Sussex, probably because we’re not so near the sea here (*sniffle* – I miss the sea). But on the extreme plus side, I can breathe again, and I’m not sneezing my head off. This time of year, I would normally have been carrying around a small pharmacy in anti-histamine pills, eye-drops, nose-sprays, inhalers, and so on. But here, I’m just fine. I really do seem to be allergic to the South of England. Bizarre.

But anyway, I had a nice time – it was good to see Mum and Dad and Martin again, as well as Alison, Clara, Craig and Chas. Clara and Chas have recently bought themselves a place and are decorating it, and Alison and Craig are in the middle of buying. Guess that means I’m lagging behind. *g* But when we do buy somewhere, it’s going to be waaaay cheaper in comparison. Heehee!

I feel oddly disjointed now… not sure why. Watched Friday’s Buffy and Angel when I got home yesterday, which, by some miricle actually taped without there being anyone in the house (!!!) but I’m feeling irritated that I know what’s going to happen in the finale. I mean, I don’t know all of it, but I know the big thing. Gah. Had a whole ton of email to plough through – still haven’t done that yet. And the server is moving, like *right now* ….nyaaargh….. maybe this was a bad time to go away after all. Can’t do anything about it til I get home this evening, though. :-(

Oh well. Back to work….. redoing the things that got eaten. *sigh* Need caffeine…..

I’m in Hastings, visiting the

I’m in Hastings, visiting the folks. Just taking half an hour or so to have a rummage on the net, but otherwise, I’ve been all offline. Been the to Pig, which used to be a wonderfully scabby old pub, but is now….. *shudder* quasi-trendy. Been on the pier, which has also been redone, but in this case improved. Bought half a kilo of Pick n Mix between me and my bro – they really shouldn’t have shops full of that stuff. *g* Been to the old town, dodged tourists, laughed at the people ‘sunbathing’ on the beach, which was covered in a fairly thick sea mist. Had my mother complain about the way I dress, and realised why moving to the opposite end of the country was quite a good idea. Hand starting to hurt again now, so I think I’ll leave again. Home Monday night. Just love that 5 hour train journey. Yay.

Um. I’ve done something to

Um. I’ve done something to my right forefinger….. it hurts right on the joint. Ow! Not making typing or mouse-clicking easy….. but mind you, too much of that is probably what’s wrong in the first place. It’s probably a good thing that I’ll be computer-free for a few days, now. Mustn’t forget to go no-mail on mailing lists, though. Don’t want to come back to 5000 mails……

I feel somewhat happier today…… I lost all the files I was still working on yesterday, you see. Cue depression and ‘oh god I’ve got to do it all again’. Somehow stuff got overwritten and was non-recoverable. Argh!! But anyway, I’ve started again. Ho hum. Oh, and when I suggested cancelling my N3K ticket to B, he told me I *had* to go, and he wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t. Let’s hope I can scrape the money together, then.

Ugh….. nauseous. Probably my own fault for eating a load of Brasil nuts and notalot else for brekkie. D’oh. I’d better go and find something a bit better to have. Something soothing.

I’m off down south on

I’m off down south on Thursday morning (at the charming hour of 6.30am) to visit family and friends. My mum has a whooooole load of stuff for me to sort out (oh, yay) while I’m down there. Called Alison and Clara last night and arranged to meet up with them – haven’t seen them since before I moved up here, so that’ll be cool. :-) So I’ll be offline til Monday – won’t even be able to read my mail on the web cos B will still be at home and downloading it with his. Whoosh. Still, I’d better get used to it – I’m away for 2 weekends in June at the convention things. I feel I should be hugely excited about those, and in a way I am, but I’m disappointed too, cos Barry should be going, but now he’s not because we can’t both afford it. :-( It was our only holiday this year, too. Stupid bloody money. I know the con’ll be fun, but I’ll feel bad for having a good time and meeting all the guests without B – it’d be different if he’d decided not to go because he didn’t want to. I don’t know, maybe I should cancel my ticket too, and just go to the Wolverhampton and Glasgow events. I don’t know what to dooooooooooooo!

Official Monster Raving Loony Party webpage. Only £12 a year to join – whoohoo!

Anji, really. Poor little donkeys. Suits them much better anyway. Surely you didn’t think this site was called after a type of food?……

enchilada hippie webrings intranet template

hippie webrings
intranet template dreamweaver

Sadly, I know where all of those came from. Well, apart from ‘template dreamweaver’. But why would someone be searching online for an enchilada? Cos it’s not like you could eat it. Assuming, that is, that there isn’t someone else in the world who uses ‘enchilada’ to refer to beach donkeys. Maybe there is. If we get 10,000, will it become an official religion definition?

Anji, I actually was going to mention you – before I actually knew you, and I’d just seen your name on the Spike Girls page and all that, I assumed that Judy was actually your real name. Cos you didn’t *always* present her as a psycho vampire ‘ho…. it’s wasn’t til I got to know you that I found out she was a character. And yes, I thought you were older that you are, too – perhaps cos of the name, but mainly because of your writing….. I would have said you were at least 16 or 17, and this was at least 2 years ago.

This is so adorable…. I’m sorry, it just is.

I think I’ll vote Monster Raving Loony. I like the idea of the country being run by a pub landlord and a cat. Oh come on, it’s got to be better than Bush-ye-younger…. (although, since I’m even more ignorant of American politics than I am of British ones, I could be wrong). Anyway, Raving Loony Manifesto:
Transport: All drivers will be given a horse in case of fuel crises. Boy racers must drive Reliant Robins.
Europe: Close the Channel Tunnel, bring back imperial measures and declare Britain a tax haven. Failing that, become the 51st state of America.
Hunting: Only one dog will be allowed per fox in a bid to make the sport fairer.
Health: Free supplies of the anti-impotency drug Viagra for everyone over 69.
Culture: Replace the national anthem with “Do the Funky Gibbon” by 1970s comedians, The Goodies.
Sport: Supporting Manchester United football club will be an offence if you live south of Crewe in Cheshire.

The other day, I saw

The other day, I saw a link (on the front page of Blogger as it happens), about a blog owner who had recently died. I followed the link, read the last few posts of the blog, thought how sad it was…. and then went away and got on with my own life. I don’t think I thought of it again until I read a post to a completely unrealated mailing list I was on. One of the members clearly had been following this blog for some time, and she had posted to the list because she was feeling upset and disillusioned…. because it turns out that the deceased blog owner had apparantly not really existed at all in the first place. There are a couple of looooooong threads on Metafilter about it if you want the gory details. It’s all very strange. It doesn’t bother me personally, since I hadn’t heard of the girl before I saw the first link, but it looks like a fair few people are upset.

What I actually found interesting was the number of other ‘fake’ online journals that were cited. I haven’t, to my knowledge, come across one of these before, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that they exist. After all, it’s not that hard to do in an environment like the internet – what proof is there that I’m who I say I am? Yes, there are some people that know that I am (Hi Megs! *g*), but there must be a lot more that don’t. Though come to think of it, it would probably be fairly easy to find out my details….. but then, maybe I’ve taken on the persona of someone else who is real…… (and kiiiiiiilled them…… mwahahahahah.). But the thing is, on the internet, it’s pretty much traditional to disguise your identity with nicknames/handles. I do it – in fact, until relatively recently, I never mentioned publicly online that my name is Louise. Lots of people know it, but even those I now know in real life have been known to call me Soul’ to my face. And I even answer to it. *g*

Not long after I started my first (‘proper’) website in winter ’98/’99, I came across a site called The Realms of Darkness, which at the time was dedicated to Spike & Dru from Buffy. It was run by two girls called Sharyl and Sarah, and I emailed them to tell them how much I loved the site, had a reply and a short dialogue ensued. I linked them, they linked me, I was surprised to discover they’re German – their English is perfect and I’d assumed they were in the states from the site, which was up to date with the then ‘current’ episodes of the show. A few months later, I started Spiked & Skewered, and joined their Spikeaholics club, and we started chatting more often. I think it was me who told them about James Marsters going to Nocturnal 2K, sometime in the autumn of ’99, and at any rate, we all booked tickets. When they came over to London in November-ish, we met up, had a meander around then went back to my flat for a Spike-fest – it was excellent fun, and we got on really well. By this time, I think, they had gradually started using the net handles of Noxy and Luna, respectively. But anyway, we kept in touch fairly regularly over the next few months, sent Christmas cards and packages and all that, and then I suppose about a year ago, or just over, I had an email from Sharyl/Noxy, in which she said she felt she finally had to come clean…… her name wasn’t really Sharyl. I felt a bit silly – I had always assumed that because it was a real name, that it was her real one, even though it wasn’t very German. D’oh!! So anyway, I replied that it didn’t matter at all, and jokingly asked if Sarah wasn’t really called Sarah either. Not long after, Sarah mailed me. Guess what? D’oh, d’oh, d’oh!!!! She actually thought I wouldn’t be able to pronounce her real name properly, but a singing teacher I had at one point was called the same thing, so it wasn’t a problem. So why hadn’t they told me when we first met up? Well, because they felt silly. “Hi, we’re Sharyl and Sarah….. except….. umm….. we’re not.” See? They were a bit worried I’d be upset or offended, I think, but I wasn’t at all – thing is, even though I didn’t know their real names for a while, I knew/know them, and that’s what counts. And I spose that’s why I don’t mind being called Soul’ – it’s just a nickname, and it’s still me.

As per usual, I’ve done

As per usual, I’ve done something that wasn’t on my list of stuff to do next. *g* So, Enchilada Sunrise (the ‘front end’ of this site) now has something actually there….. not a lot, but something. And Con Woman has moved over here and has a new design courtesy of Megs. Whoohoo! Now, to get on with something I’m actually *supposed* to be doing…….

I’m off down to Hastings

I’m off down to Hastings next week to visit family and friends…. I’ll have to make an effort to get something done with at least one of my sites before then, cos after that Nocturnal is looming. *g* And also, I’d like to get the new design on S&S before its second ‘birthday’, which is 11th June. I downloaded a ton of gorgeous filters and masks yesterday, so I’ll have a play with those and see what I can come up with.

Had a conversation with Lee this morning, about Buffy and Angel. He’s SkyOne-less, and planning on getting the new season tapes sent from the states. His missus is well into Angel, he says, honest. He’s also planning on buying all the box-sets. He reckons this makes him a right sad bastard. *g* So I asked what that made me. And interestingly, he reckons that he’s sad cos he just watches it and quite likes it, and wants to get the videos, but that’s it, but I’m *not* sad cos I watch it, then go away and make websites and write fic, and go to cons and all that, and actually do something with my interest. Hmm. Sounds good to me!

Be nice – give some

Be nice – give some water, food, and a bit more safety to some people/places that need it. Go on, it’s free to do.

Anji, good luck with the funeral. They’re horrible and upsetting, but kind of carthetic at the same time – they can be a good way to say goodbye. I guess that’s part of the point. And don’t worry about the song – it’s good that it’s one you like. I hope Mary Lauren liked it too. When my friend Shelley died when we were at school, one of the songs we sang at her funeral was “The Rhythm of Life”, which had been one of her faves. Even though the song might make you sad when you hear it in future, it’ll also be reminding you of your friend, and that can’t be a totally bad thing. :-) Ummm…. and on a less serious note, you think I had an interesting few days? Damn, must’ve missed them. *g* But what made you think I washed stuff by hand? Nooooo, I sent B to his parents’ place to use their washing machine, and saved this rest til ours arrived. Heheheh. There are no laundrettes because, I assume, the town we live in is ‘nice’, and has no student population that I know of, so I guess no-one has needed one. *shrugs*